It makes sense that our main focus within our cycles is typically on the peak events of menstruation & ovulation. They are the most intense turning points with the most obvious and impactful external signs.

We give similar credence to the full and new moon, but what about the in-betweens?

The lesser-focused on and more variable luteal and follicular phases, as well as the turning points into and out of them are just as helpful to pay attention to. We can also observe them in parallel to the first & last quarter of the moon cycle. 

It’s important to note that if you’re someone who’s experiencing irregular cycles, it’s vital to pay attention to all the subtleties of your experience, phase aside, to uncover what is affecting you. 

An absence of a menstrual or ovulatory phase does not take away from the potent wisdom your body and spirit still have to offer you. 

The full moon aids us in expanding our energy outward, while the new moon draws us back inwards. 

When we look at the menstrual cycle, the follicular phase is emerging from the depths of the menstrual phase, while the luteal phase is the descent back inwards and a release from the hormonal heights of ovulation. 

The edges of these phases call for more attention and gentleness so that we don't jump in or out of our inner seasons too abruptly. 

The blurred lines of not being in a regular cycle also calls for the same sort of care and inquisitiveness.

We can live our best cyclical lives when we do so holistically.

What the In-betweens Can Teach Us… 

Holistic cyclical living looks like focusing on the whole of our being at a consistent, sustainable pace instead of using all our fuel on the peak events. 

Putting too much pressure only on "main events" creates big dips and peaks in our focus and energy. Instead, what would it look like to  remain aware, curious and receptive in all states?

Personally, these phases haven't always been so important on my radar. It's easy to drop the focus on self-awareness and care just because I'm not bleeding or ovulating. 

But, over time as I listen more, my body has made it clear to me that these are vital transitional times. 

Lessons I’ve learned through not honoring the in-between states.

  • I realized my "caution days" were in these times - days where I need more space, am turbulent in my moods and truly just need rest and flow into whatever my body is calling for. 
  • Those days before & after ovulation or before & after menstruation are when l've recognized patterns of overdoing it when I really needed to slow down and retreat within.

Keep track in your Cycles Journal so you can speculate the next time when you're approaching or exiting your menstrual and ovulatory phases - notice if your body has the same requests or different. 

Take note without judgment.

If you no longer bleed and don’t experience these transitions internally, try looking at how your energy fluctuates in relation to the phases between the full and new moon.

The in-beweens can also be acknowledged through the seasonal shifts. 

The diagram above (page 303) gives you an example of how to track these shifts.

Tips for honoring transitionary phases & times. 

Unfolding from inner winter into the growth of spring? From menstrual into follicular or during the waxing moon, the phase between new and full?

  • Keep integrating the slow depths and grounded energy you just embodied.        
  • Don't rush into full force, but pace yourself. Be patient as you emerge.
  • Spread out your plans instead of jumping into it all at once, stay conscious of your capacity and energy levels
  • Practice embodiment, ground your thoughts, be mindful of saying yes to too much.
  • Feel into your body for answers to challenges and be gentle with yourself.
  • Express yourself, find pleasure, find release, tap into your creativity, don't forget your tools and routines, follow your intuition.

Fading out of inner summer to surrender deeper into autumn? Transitioning from ovulation into the luteal phase or during the waning moon phase between the full and the new?

  •  Don't resist unraveling and letting go; trust your roots and find solid ground. This time is vital to clearing the path for a smooth gradation into slowing down.
  • Schedule downtime, prepare to say no, become aware of and honor your capacity.
  • Reschedule and cancel when needed, food shop and prep for your cycle, communicate your boundaries.
  • Let feelings flow, breathe deep, be easy with yourself, remain mindful of your inner critic, stay hydrated and nourished,

Most importantly, trust the flow!

Feeling inspired by the in-betweens?

If this has inspired you to create a nourishing connection to EVERY phase of your cyclical journey, then we encourage you to share this post with a friend who may benefit in the same way!

We also invite you to diver deeper by tracking your discoveries  in your Cycles Journal! It’s a powerful tool for keeping track of your internal and external phases!
October 20, 2022 — Team Cycles Journal

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