We acknowledge and honor in gratitude and deep solidarity the Indigenous people past, present & future of the lands we exist on today. Cyclical Roots exists on unceded Wabanaki lands.

We are devoted to ethical, anti-oppressive business practices that advocate for intersectional justice and collective healing. We redistribute a portion of our profits to these movements, which you can learn more about below.

We acknowledge that forwarding funds is not the whole solution, but an important part of the whole efforts to rebalance equity in the midst of imperialism.

We advocate for;

  • our planet Earth
  • women, queerfolk, & all who are marginalized by their perceived, actual or raised gender
  • all individuals and communities marginalized by gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, ability, and religion
  • menstrual equity
  • reproductive choice
  • bodily autonomy, literacy and empowerment
  • empowered & accessible self-knowledge in line with collective healing movements
  • anti-capitalism, anti-colonialism and anti-fascism
  • & more

Read more about what we stand for in detail here. 

Giving Back + Fundraising

See our receipt here.


  • Our own Pay It Forward fund for financial assistance - over $2,700 worth of scholarships and discounts to over 151 applicants (as of May 2024) to receive a Cycles Journal.
    • At this time we are able to consistently donate 1% of profits to this fund monthly, as well as collect donations from generous community members.
  • One Tree Planted fund-forwarding for forest restoration at checkout.
  • We forward funds per order for Planet's Climate-Neutral Shipping via the Century Plan which splits our support between temporary and long-term carbon removal. Read more about how this is done here.
  • Monthly Apparel Fundrasier details can be found here.
  • Cyclical Mindfulness Foundations Course 20% --> The Palestine Fund ($20 donated as of 2/2/24)





  • Indigenous Heritage Month Fund-Forwarding:
    • $135 to Indigenous Regeneration
    • $135 to Mujer de la Tierra
  • Reproductive Rights Apparel Fundraiser;
  • 200 Journal donation to Period: The Menstrual Movement

Other organization donated at least $60 to in previous years:

  • Native Women's Wilderness
  • Access Reproductive Care
  • Women Have Options
  • Black Visions Collective
  • Philadelphia Community Bail Fund
  • The Bail Project
  • First Nations COVID Support Fund
  • Standing Rock Souix
  • Immigrant Justice
  • Australian Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities
  • SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center
  • La Semilla Del Sol
  • UHURU Solidarity Movement
  • The Honeybee Conservancy
  • Xerces Society
  • Planet Bee
  • Friends of Earth
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Pure Earth

Read more about our values here.