Dream Cycles Tracker: Follow your Subconscious Cycles & Dream Themes (Printable PDF)

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Vivid dreamers & restless sleepers - this is for you!

Our subconscious cycles deserve their own space for us to track their themes and patterns, so that we can tend to all parts of ourselves consciously.

I created this tracker to paste inside my Cyclical Notebook, which I've been using as a dream journal - so that I can have both an overview as well as a space to reflect on my dreams in depth.

You're welcome to use this PDF on its own as well - it will work just fine as a tracker overview.

You can use it digitally or print it physically as many times as you'd like once you purchase the file.

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unless you select the Notebook option - which includes our physical blank & linked Cyclical Notebook.

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- 12 Re-useable Dream Tracking Sheets in PDF form
  • includes tracking suggestions & blank spaces for customization
  • each sheet covers 1 moon cycle and states the month it starts on, but does not have dates so that you can use it any year and reuse it throughout the years
  • there is also a version with no month names so you can customize it even further if you'd like
- (Physical Cyclical Notebook included only if the variation is selected)

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- Print & use on its own
- Paste into a notebook, or
- Markup on your tablet or computer & save paper

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