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Upcoming Events & Workshops


Oct 16 – Ritual Market – Hallowell, Maine


Sept 19-22: Lupine Hollow Equinox Summit (details coming soon)
Sept 20 @ 2pm EST – Equinox Lunar Workshop
Sept 20 @ 6pm EST – Wellness + Self-Care Panel Discussion

Join us for a new guest-hosted workshop,
held in our Moonthly Meets Circle
on the 4th Sunday of each moonth!

Past workshop recordings are always accessible via the Circle.

We announce the next upcoming workshops
near the beginning of each month~


(Available in the Moonthly Meets Circle in our Cyclical Community)


August 28, 2022

Planting with Your Cycle with Heather Stoken


Past Events – Recordings Available:

Gain access to these past recordings of
amazing workshops for free when you join!