Founder, Artist & Creator of Cycles Journal + Cyclical Roots

Rachael Amber (they/she) is a queer, non-binary, latine artist and intuitive who channels nature-centric art & healing tools to raise awareness & foster connection between all living beings. Their creative focus comes to life through illustration, design, intuitive arts, writing, social + environmental advocacy, decolonization, and mental & menstrual mindfulness. Most of their artwork focuses on depicting the beauty of nature, cyclical living & the energetic interconnection between ourselves, one another & the natural world.

Inspired by a deep connection to nature & a desire to find peace & awareness within one's emotional & physical realms, they were intuitively guided to follow the moon & nature's wisdom to find more flow, stability & phasic awareness in both the inner & outer cycles of life. Now this passion to support others in their healing journeys of embodiment, empowerment, education, self-acceptance & (re-)connection is shared through the annual independent publication of Cycles Journal & other artistic tools.

"All of my work is a co-creation with nature. I am the channel, the hands, the heart through which I can speak for the trees, bees and spirits all around... and I'm so in love with this role I play in the wise wild world."

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