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About Us

What we do, why we do it & who we are...

Creations for radicle self-awareness & collective wellbeing. Reminders of our interconnected nature.

Where we find stability in the ever-changing cycles of it all.


Supportive systems for radicle self-awareness & collective interconnection


Cyclical Roots is a movement;

An ongoing, ever-evolving collaboration between artist Rachael Amber, Earth & Spirit.

Through Cyclical Roots, we offer tools and space for rest & contemplation - to deepen our connection to nature, ourselves, & one another.

Cyclical Roots is a reminder of our inherent resources, our contradictory nature, and the potential that lives between all form and fluidity; deep beneath the surface, deep into our ever-changing bodies of being.

It is both a home for creation, as well as a liminal space of in-betweenness that welcomes anyone who resonates.

...it's the anchor of the body in a world of thought.
...it's the turbulent tides beneath the consistency of the moon.
...it's the part of you that knows the land yet is made of stardust.
...it's the voice within sentience within trees and our body parts.
...it's your fearless fluidity within rooted reality.

Our Values

🌱 Intentional

We carefully consider our decisions, collaborations, and productions to ensure ethical standards are prioritized for people & planet. Sustainability and transparency is always our goal, and as an artist-driven, independently funded and created micro-business, we can prioritize it.

🌗 Nature-centric

We center and honor nature as our primordial teacher, and ourselves as students, stewards and allies, who are also a part of the whole.

🌎 Wholistic

We honor the wholistic interdependence of our bodies, ourselves, our communities, our planet & beyond. There are moments for specificity and focus, but we always remain aware of our potential impact upon the whole. We practice this through Cyclical Mindfulness.

🌈 Inclusive / Intersectional

We honor spectrums and in-betweens. We prioritize inclusivity but not without boundaries. We honor both science and spirit, always seeking the truth of multiple perspectives. We are for the liberation and empowerment of all Queerfolks & Black, Brown & Indigenous peoples. We strive through decolonial and anti-capitalist values. We are fluid & rooted.

🌐 Equitable

We aim to empower, center and uplift marginalized communities and individuals. We seek to divest from injustice and contribute to an equitable present and future. We honor all genders, sexualities, races, ethnicities, cultures, abilities and economic statuses throughout our work. We do not tolerate hate or injustice towards any groups. We created our Pay It Forward Fund in efforts to ensure our work is accessible. We also aim to fundraise and uplift through our Advocacy Efforts.

💞 Connective

We value interconnection. We are a growing community, opportunities for collaboration & connection, fundraisers, advocacy & financial support systems to create an equitable ecosystem. Healing Resource Directory, Cyclical Community & Moonly Meets, and other [opportunities for collaboration]. We also do our best to provide free resources through our Free Healing Resource Library, Blog + Podcast, and more.

About Artist & Intuitive Rachael Amber

Rachael Amber (they/she) is a queer, neurodivergent, latine artist and intuitive who channels nature-centric art & healing tools to raise awareness and foster connection between all living beings. Their creative focus comes to life through illustration, design, intuitive arts, writing, social + environmental advocacy, decolonization, and mental & menstrual mindfulness. Most of their artwork focuses on depicting the beauty of nature, cyclical living & the energetic interconnection between ourselves, one another & the natural world.

Inspired by a deep connection to nature & a desire to find peace & awareness within one's emotional & physical realms, they were intuitively guided to follow the moon & nature's wisdom to find more flow, stability & phasic awareness in both the inner & outer cycles of life. Now this passion to support others in their healing journeys of embodiment, empowerment, education, self-acceptance & (re-)connection is shared through the annual independent publication of Cycles Journal & other artistic tools.

Be a part of my behind the scenes processes, and receive card reading & more here!



"All of my work is a co-creation with nature. I am the channel, the hands, the heart through which I can speak for the trees, bees and spirits all around... and I'm so in love with this role I play in the wise wild world."

Your body is not a burden, it is your bridge to wholeness.

flow with your internal tides rather than fight against them

My message to you...

The more intentional we can be leading up to our intense cycle points (like flare ups, bleed time, or mental health triggers), the more we can work with our bodies rather than against. I like to say we are learning to flow with our tides rather than against them. Once we are aware, doors open everywhere for our expansion and supportedness through pain. We realize everything is intimately connected — and oftentimes — just needs our love and attention.

Individually, self-care allows us to feel supported so we can be a better part of the collective whole. It helps us realize that we are worthy of choosing to prioritize ourselves. Collectively, we are learning to diverge from a strictly work & logic mindset that the world is focused on. We’re learning to instead be perceptive, to listen, to feel, and to realize it's much more beautiful and intuitive to live this way. We are learning that we can use this knowledge to be even better versions of ourselves.

It's truly a ripple effect. All cycles are valid - the menstrual cycle, mental health cycles, and more. It's beautiful how much pain we can shed & love we can share with ourselves and one another once we get beyond the idea that our pain is a burden and our bodies are not on our side. We are ending the deflected war against our human vessels & the natural, beautiful, magic processes they carry us through. That all of this is natural and to be honored is the most important thing to remember. When we are intentional and caring, we can make anything happen.

Dedication of Gratitude

In deep gratitude,
I dedicate this work to the Earth, to the ancestors of the land - spirit & sentient; to the moon & their messages; to the web that weaves us all together in the great cosmic womb.

I dedicate this work to all mothers & parents, all creators, birthers and life-sustainers.

I dedicate this work to our personal, inter-personal and collective healing & liberation.

an artist-published & community-funded creation.

Cycles Journal® has been independently published, originally created & community-funded since 2019. Owned & operated by a tiny yet passionate team of women & genderqueer folks, this publication is made with heart & soul.

Founded & created annually by nature-centric artist, designer & mental + menstrual health advocate Rachael Amber, this journal & related tools exist to help empower us all to access deeper self-care, healing, and body literacy within our natural selves and cyclical experiences.

We are building more than a healthy habit or trend; we are creating a ritual of self-devotion. Made with love, intention & quality care, Cycles Journal is more than just your usual book or planner; it truly is a special place to learn more about yourself.

Explore Our Offerings

Cycles Journal

Since 2018 Rachael has created and self-published Cycles Journal.

Cyclical Mindfulness

A new offering stemming from what helps me live cyclically and honor change.

Embodied Ecosystems

The forthcoming tarot & oracle deck to help us remember and reconnect to our origins and support systems.