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Vinyl Sticker – Decompose Your Doubts - Cycles Journal – Healing Tools for Witches, Women & Womb-Holders

Vinyl Sticker – Decompose Your Doubts

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Mushroom Medicine Awareness

All mushrooms – whether medicinal, psychedelic or poisonous – are medicine for both the Earth and our human existence. They have much to teach us as decomposers with an inter-connective mycelial web.

I drew this illustration after a meditation with the essence of amanita crenulata – a mushroom that is poisonous to consume but a wise teacher in an energetic sense.

This is a message from the mushroom & mycelial web that was shared with me and I share with all of you – that if we allow our doubts and mental control to decompose naturally as fungi do with our waste, we can honor the natural cycles of death and rebirth, expansion and contraction, past and future into the present awareness of trust.

We all have the capacity to heal in this busy, capitalistic world. Plants & fungi are our sentient teachers.

3x3" vinyl sticker - waterproof matte finish


Art by Rachael Amber