Eclipses are portals and depending on who you ask, so are new moons. When these doorways open, we are asked to step through with a willingness to shed and leave something behind. 

This Scorpio New Moon that’s paired with a Solar Eclipse is no different. 

The New Moon in Scorpio will take place on Oct 25, 2022 at 2:55 p.m. PST/ 5:55 p.m. EST. and the eclipse will happen at 1:58 a.m. PST/ 4:58a.m. EST.

The new moon is always a good time to shed and take note of what you want to build upon during the next cycle. 

Scorpio gives us the opportunity to look at what lies beneath the surface. Don’t be surprised if secrets come out. Most likely those secretes will  actually be truths you felt coming long before this new moon. 

October 2022 Scorpio New Moon Insights

Scorpio is a water sign that governs subconscious depth, sensuality, and transformation. 

The Scorpio moon marks the beginning of scorpio season and at this point, we have officially descended into the shorter days and longer nights of the year. 

For some this shows up energetically. Our emotions come to the surface, we spend more time with our families or with ourselves, and it may be a challenge as many of the pieces you’ve pushed down might begin to surface. 

This new moon is going to ask you to evaluate many aspects of yourself. 

What relationships do you tolerate because you don’t feel you deserve better?

What friendships have you outgrown, but are holding on to out of comfort?

What jobs are you settling for because you’re afraid to go for what you truly want? 

Scorpio doesn’t hold back, and all of these truths are likely to surface during this new moon, but not so they can make you feel bad. Instead they are coming up so that you have a chance to close the door on the old and make space for something new. 

Two ways you can figure out how this new moon is going to impact you:

  1. See which house Scorpio falls in on your birth chart and which house Taurus falls in as this will show you the other side of the eclipse portal that will take place on the full moon. 
  1. Go back through your Cycles Journal and observe what has gone on for you in the space between this new moon and the last. Particularly take note of what emotional triggers may have come up for you. 

Scorpio New Moon Energies

  • Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling the uncomfortable pull of transformation. Be open to cleaning out the old to make space for the new. 
  • Pay attention to any triggers that come up, they could be giving you insight into what it’s time to change.
  • Take note of any new information that comes your way. Maybe you felt it coming but feel surprised now that it’s in front of you. Be open to this information without judgment and think about how it can help you grow.

Scorpio New Moon Guided Journal Prompts

Release can be incredibly profound and all things must shift or end in order to make space for the new to come through.

The following guided journal prompts were crafted to help you see it all on paper and make decisions about what may need to be released or changed in order for you to truly transform.

Tip: Use your Cycles Notebook to answer the following prompts so you have plenty of space! 

Guided Journal Prompts

  • What outcome would you like to see on the other side of this eclipse portal? What obstacles do you perceive you’ll need to overcome?

  • What patterns are you seeing repeat in your life that you are ready to shift?

  • What areas of you life do you feel fear, guilt or shame around? How might you transform this energy?

  • Do you experience negative thoughts or internal stories that hold you back from where you want to go in life? Write them down and then as yourself, where did those thoughts come from, are they yours, and do you still need them to protect you? 

Don’t have time to do these journal prompts right now? Turn to page 275 of your 2022 Cycles Journal for a quick new moon check in!

Scorpio New Moon Ritual: Unblocking Ritual

Scorpio deals with our inner emotional flow. More specifically, the parts of ourselves we bury below the surface. 

When we have repeating patterns that come up and trigger us, we can usually look to those buried pieces to find the root cause.  

Many times these buried parts can create energy blocks. This ritual invites you to bring them to the surface with the intention of release so your energy can flow more freely.

Step 1: Go back through your cycles journal and take note of your emotional patterns. What usually triggers you around your luteal phase? How about during menstruation? Take note of any repeating patterns.

Note: The first time you do this ritual, choose one, but feel free to use this ritual to process if you find more than one. 

Step 2: Write down one phrase that represents this pattern. 

Step 3: Start to feel the energy of this pattern. Where do you feel it in your body, mind, or energetic self? Notice where and how the blocks show up for you. If you experience emotional or physical discomfort, see if you can lean into it. 

Step 4: Use your breath to encapsulate the blocks and imagine that with the out breath you are removing them. You may see them dissolving in layers. You may also feel a sense of discomfort as these blocks move through you. Don’t be surprised if you feel emotional release or even physical release. Allow the energy of the blocks to inform you on how to move through them. 

Don’t forget to stay connected to your breath. 

Step 5: When you feel like you’re complete, take some time to write about your experience and what you learned in your journal. 

Here’s to Your Transformational Journey!

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October 24, 2022 — Team Cycles Journal
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