This Full Moon in Taurus Marks the Closing of a Portal Door...

Not only is Taurus the opposing sign of Scorpio, but it also signifies the end of this eclipse season. This moon will take place on Nov 8, 2022 at 1:55 p.m. PST/ 4:55 p.m. EST with the eclipse taking place at 2:59 PST/5:59 a.m. EST

November 2022 Taurus Full Moon Eclipse Insights

Taurus is an earth sign that governs the energies of protection, steadiness, growth, comfort, and physicality.

This Taurus full moon is going to be inspired by the energy of Scorpio, because it is illuminated by the Scorpio sun. 

One powerful lesson that may be felt during this time is that death is inevitable. All things must die at some point in order to make space for a new cycle to begin. 

This is why death isn’t simply an ending, but a moment of transformation from one way of being to the next. 

When you stop to think about what you’ve let go of between the new moon and now, what blessings can you find sprouting in the space that’s been cleared?

Now is the time to take note so you can nurture what you want to grow, and leave behind what you don’t.

Taurus Full Moon Energies

  • The power of the pause. This moon is giving us permission to go deep into our most sacred places and rest.

  • Honor abundance. So often, we spend our time trying to manifest more. This moon is calling us to give great gratitude to what we already have in front of us.

  • The will to be resourceful. Along the lines of honoring what we already have, this moon also invites us to make use of those resources to build a sturdy foundation for the larger abundance you may be dreaming of.

Taurus Full Moon Guided Journal Prompts

Taurus is governed by the element of earth. Earth signs have a special relationship with time. 

Some say time doesn’t actually exist. We invite you to explore the idea that time is what you make of it.

It can be molded and shaped just like clay. 

When we rush time, it tends to fight back in opposition, making us feel as if we've lost something or forced our hand on a process. 

We all know what can happen when things are rushed. The result tends to be a less sturdy and foundational version of what we were trying to achieve. 

However, when we work as an ally with time, giving our patience as a humble offer to its altar, this is where sustainability happened. We are able to be more intentional with our creations and the foundations we build are strong.

Tip: Use your Cycles Notebook to answer the following prompts so you have plenty of space! 

Guided Journal Prompts

  • Where Am I taking shortcuts when I should be doing the work?

  • What past seeds have I planted that now don’t need tending to a nurturing?

  • What negative stories am I over feeding that need to be cut off?

  • What resources are right in front of me that I haven’t been allowing myself to see as useful?

  • In what ways can I start now on building a solid foundation for my dreams to take root in?

Feel free to get creative with these journal prompts by drawing and adding your art! 

Don’t have time to do these journal prompts right now? Save them for later and Turn to page 285 of your 2022 Cycles Journal for a quick full moon check in!

Taurus Full Moon Tarot Spread 

The Taurus full moon falls within the time of the in between where the veil is thin and the wisdom from our ancestors is ripe and ready if we’re willing to open up to what they have to share. 

In this Tarot spread you will have a chance to drop in with the wisdom of your ancestors. 

Be mindful that not all of your ancestors want to see you succeed or have your best interest in mind. This is important to mention because it allows us to have grace for everyone in our lineage who has passed. 

The trauma they pass down isn’t yours to hold, but you can use this tarot spread to ask about what you can do to help them heal.  

Ancestral Wisdom Tarot Spread

Card 1: Show me the obstacles I currently face from your point of view.

Card 2: Where did these obstacles come from?

Card 3: In what ways can you help me overcome?

Card 4: In what ways can I help and honor you in return?

You can record and reflect on your reading in your Cycles Notebook or your Cycles Journal

Happy Full Moon in Taurus! 

November 07, 2022 — Team Cycles Journal
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