Can you relate to the feeling of caring about something so much, that you subconsciously decide it's safer kept hidden inside rather than attempting to let it flow out of you to be shared and received however it lands?

This is the beautiful challenge I face with my creativity everyday – and I know I'm not alone in this!

I'm embracing this challenge as an invitation to just show up as I am. To just write at the page like Morning Pages (from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron) has helped me to do. This is also part of why I created Cycles Journal - to work through these layers and phases.


Here I root into reality and uproot rumination.

I want to start by re-introducing myself briefly. My name is Rachael Amber, you can also call me Rae, and I use they/she pronouns. I'm neurodivergent and queer creative. I live on the unceded lands of the Wabanaki peoples, known also as Maine. My ancestors span multiple land masses and continents yet I am trying to be a good steward to where I've landed. I believe in justice and equity for all beings, and breaking binaries without bypassing. I honor where we may differ or relate, and I'm truly glad to connect with you - thank you for being here with me!

I like to call myself a nature-centric illustrator & designer, but lately I've been embracing the title of artist, writer & intuitive. It still doesn't capture all that I am, but I feel like it brings more of the whole picture into play... like how my spiritual and mindfulness practices are as much a part of my work as the visuals and written word.

I've been wanting to write to you more to share the "behind the scenes" of creating, human-ing and channeling. You might be here because of Cycles Journal, meeting me at an event in person or online, or some other art-form I've shared. Yet there is so much more I want to connect into this web of being...

As much as there are ups and downs in the collective and personally in the realm of mental & menstrual health, I am grateful to be in a place of more support, stability and okayness with uncertainty than I've ever been before. I have lots of people, teachers, supportive systems, privileges, and efforts to thank for this. I'm no where near perfect, I'm still deep in student debt and I'm learning hard lessons every day as much as noticing the miracles too. I'm so human, and I'm just thankful to be practicing openness through my writing once again, and feeling ready to share it more in many ways alongside my art, offerings & all the rest.

There are so many parts to the whole. Cycles Journal has always been about Wholistic Cyclical Awareness, and it continues to be an important core branch on this tree of creation in this little sphere within the larger sphere of the world.

I'm excited to be continuing these Moonletters in a slightly different form as our much loved team member Valencia helps us focus on other areas of the biz more, like our Cyclical Community and our Monthly Reflection Circles! I'm so grateful for all she has shared here in the past months, and how she continues to help our community and offerings sustain.

So with this new chapter, here are my intentions for how I'd like to share this virtual space;

  • I will share at least bi-weekly on the full & new moons, and at most weekly when I can. **(keep in mind you will still receive whatever else you signed up for in your preferences such as event reminders, sales notifications, etc. unless you adjust your preferences)
  • I will share "behind the scenes" instances of creation and connection within the current cycles. This is a practice of cyclical awareness, sharing and flowing, and will include prompts for you to practice with as well. this may include but is not limited to; current astrological themes / energy the seasons and cycles - inner and outer what I've been creating / working on in the realm of Cycles Journal & beyond (WIPs &/or BTS art/poetry share here and there) what I've been reading / absorbing / practicing / pondering
  • I will include some form of reflection for you at the end to practice & ponder in your own life via prompts / card spread / invitation / ritual.

So ultimately, this is just a little shift / expansion from a new perspective. But I wanted to set my intentions openly so you can know what to expect going forward.

Next time, near the new moon, I'm going to share with you the story behind the upcoming Cycles Journal's cover art! I always have a reason and words behind what I visualize (the words and feelings come first for me), and I want to share that more! :)

I look forward to sharing more with you then~

Grateful to be in connection with you,

Rachael Amber (they/she)

Founder & Creator of Cycles Journal

p.s. Thank you all so much for your support in the 2024 Cycles Journal PreSale so far!! We still have a ways to go to meet our self-funding goal, but we are so much closer thanks to all who have shared and supported! Please keep helping us spread the word if you can, as pre-orders will still be discounted through the end of month!!


August 14, 2023 — Rachael Amber Longo

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