The nurturing energy from this Cancer New Moon during Cancer Season encourages inviting familiarity into new spaces of evolving comfort - What does home mean to me? What does community mean to me?

The Cancer New Moon takes place on July 17, 2023, at ~2:31 pm ET in the element of Water.

New moons serve as new beginnings, new cycles. Many folks use new moons to clarify what they want to manifest and build on. New moons can also typically feel very grounding (you may even notice that you or your loved ones feel more sleepy or tired around the new moon each cycle!).

This new moon in Cancer gently puts a spotlight on what feels familiar, even as we grow in whole new ways. Some things change, and some things stay the same. We may find ourselves at this time examining traditions and patterns passed down from our ancestors. We may find ourselves looking to ground ourselves as we navigate the seas of transformation, or we may need a nudge to let go of what’s no longer working so we can be on our merry way.

Inviting familiarity into new spaces might look like recognizing what qualities lie within us that we can depend on no matter where we are. For example, you may recognize just how intuitive, protective, sympathetic, and kind you are - just like the Cancerian archetype! 

Cancer encourages us to tap into our sensitive nature and intuit how we can connect with love, even when we find ourselves in what feels unfamiliar to us.

Regardless of where you are in your cycle or what season of your life you’re currently experiencing, this can be a nurturing time to invite familiarity into new spaces of evolving comfort.

Valuing Family and Generational Blessings

Cancer, symbolized by the crab, is a water sign that rules the chariot card in tarot and understands the value of family, harmony, and nurturing community. What does family mean to you? Whether you feel most comfortable with your biological or chosen family, feeling connected to your loved ones is important. Consider the value that family has in your life.

With our biological families, mixed feelings can be present. We may fully recognize harsher realities or patterns we have to deal with due to our upbringing. At the same time, we can make space to acknowledge the generational blessings given to us as well.

Some generational blessings are passed down to us consciously, and others we inherit subconsciously due to the presence or absence of something we need in our lives. Take some time to consider what traditions and generational blessings made their way to you and how they serve you.

Be careful during this time not to get stuck in what is familiar and over-identify as the “giver.” Prioritize movement and set appropriate boundaries for balance and emotional protection in your relationships. When balanced, this gentle water sign encourages us to intuit needs and connect to others wholeheartedly. 

The Cancer archetype represents intuition, family/home, emotions, and nurture. Let us benefit from the sensitive nature of this new moon and invite familiarity into new spaces of evolving comfort.

Inviting Familiarity into New Spaces of Evolving Comfort

Here are some prompts to pull cards for or journal about (or both!) to help you reflect on this new moon.

No matter how your journey interacts with these archetypes, it's a good time to reflect on these themes of inviting familiarity into new spaces of evolving comfort.

  • What does home mean to me?
  • What does family mean to me?
  • What does community mean to me?
  • What traditions and generational blessings have I inherited? Alternatively, what traditions and blessings would I like to create now?
  • Where (or with who) can I practice setting more healthy boundaries?

As always, take your time answering and reflecting upon these questions – you can revisit them throughout the year and beyond this new moon.

This new moon’s invitation to invite familiarity into new spaces of evolving comfort may inspire you to document your progress tangibly. We would love to support you along this journey with the healing tools we have available for you, such as our 2023 Cycles Journal (now more than 65% off) or Cycles Notebook! Use this physical, intentional space to acknowledge how you’ve grown, and have a grounding spot to reflect no matter where you are (e.g., traveling or navigating a new chapter in your life). As we expand, let’s harness all the goodness of this new moon and reflect together!

May this new moon remind you that home is where the heart is and that you can always invite familiarity into new spaces of evolving comfort <3

With Gratitude,

Team Cycles Journal


July 16, 2023 — Team Cycles Journal
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