Each season, we turn a corner, enter a threshold; a transitional period through an equinox or solstice. This one is equipped with eclipses, and disorientating time changes for many of us.

On the day of equal day and night, we are invited into our version of re-emergence.


Yet even though the sun is entering aries with the turn of the equinox, there is a sort of resistance present as it is accompanied by neptune in pisces conjunct, as well as saturn + venus in pisces nearby. 


The equinox is a time for activation and emergence, but with this presence of resistance, it is a reminder to remain in our bodies and depths as we do so, and to listen to our subconscious beneath it all.


We're not done with swimming through the deep end of the collective subconscious through pisces - nor will we be for the rest of this year and next as saturn stays in pisces, inviting us to dissolve harmful borders and open up into more wholistic restructuring.


With pluto in aquarius also sextile the sun, we're in the midst of healing and revealing a lot of collective trauma. This is a long game, and we're here to find the hope and reality in all of it.


For what is the self without the all?


Every seed that sprouts does not do it alone - yet tending to its own roots is essential and not to be overlooked.


Being in aries season this year means our eclipse season is beginning since the moon's node are on the aries-libra axis this year - representing our focus of collective change. I'll talk more about this in next week's moonletter for the first eclipse of the year on March 25th, and the following for the total solar eclipse on April 8th.


For now just keep in mind that we're in a time of intensity (if it wasn't already obvious), so take care of your nervous system and don't underestimate your basic needs (water, food, rest, hygiene). Let the bare minimum be enough when it needs to be.


Whether it feels like spring outside or not, whether it's warmer than it normally is this time of year or not - how are we being asked to awaken and participate?

Neurodiversity is Earth-honoring

This equinox also happens to fall within Neurodiversity Celebration Week (it seems it likely always does actually) which feel like a supportive layer to me.


As we awaken from winter's realizations, we emerge to seek better balance between all things; day and night, matter and spirit, mind and time, individual and collective, me and you, human and non-human...


What I think we're really working towards is non-duality, non-polarity: there are never just the extremes, but always the in-betweens.


My mental health journey has been most supported by coming to honor the beauty of the in-betweens; that I am not my diagnoses but I can be empowered through them in finding how they support accommodative shifts for a better, more accessible world. 


Neurodiversity represents for everyone the spectrum of non-singularity; how we are not a one-size-fits-all species. This involves all of us, but especially those marginalized and not accommodated by the normative culture of cis, hetero, white, capitalist-colonial dominance.


I believe we are all shifting into realizing that is it not radical to stand up for what is deemed "different" - or perhaps that radical/radicle is not a bad thing but fundamental (the meaning of the word literally means "of the root". We're done being gaslit for what is really oppressed.


We are redirecting the narrative of "what's wrong with me" to "what's wrong with society" - not to project blame, but to call in accountability to see the whole picture that projects upon us that we are not enough as we are.


There is a need for both self-reflection and autonomous initiative throughout all of this, but it is not separate from the whole.


We are re-membering all parts of who we are - and that includes our environments and communities too.


Moment to moment, it can feel overwhelming to consider it all, and so this is where cognitive wellbeing ties into collective wellbeing.


Honor your nervous system, tend to your creativity and your desires, and remain open to change for we are best when we are letting our own internal seasons and phases ebb and flow.


Root into what grounds you and where you feel whole.

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Thank you for your support on this journey as always. <3


Grateful for every moment, and grateful to create for all of us.


Gratefully connected,
Rachael Amber (they/she)
of Cycles Journal / Cyclical Roots

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March 19, 2024 — Rachael Amber Longo

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