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What brought you to this path of healing work?

I came into this work after my own health journey of dealing with chronic inflammation, rounds of unnecessary surgeries, hard core painkillers and other medications, constant pain, and 13 years of hormonal birth control. This led me to understanding that if our body is reacting that there is a reason why, there is a foundational imbalance. So I began diving into my research on hormones and charting my cycle to understand what may be going on with my body. Through that research, I came to the conclusion that I likely had endometriosis based off of my symptoms and that my mother had mentioned it to doctors when I was younger due to my excruciating periods. Advocating for myself again, I found a surgeon who was able to diagnose me with stage 2 endometriosis and 4 small fibroids. That's when I started using acupuncture and nutrition to reduce my inflammation and saw my endometriosis pain & hormone imbalances get significantly better over months. My goal was to make others feel just as empowered as I was when it came to using natural methods to support my body so I decided to get my diploma in nutritional therapy so that I could support other women and uterus owners. 

What helps you feel the most connected to your womb & cycles?

Charting my cycle using the sympto-thermal method has been amazing for me and so empowering to see where I am in my cycle and support each phase of it. Connecting to my body after being on hormonal birth control for 13 years has created a very intense and loving relationship with my womb and body.

What healing remedies, rituals and/or practices help you throughout certain phases of your cycle?

The biggest practices that help me are accepting the mood changes that come with each phase which can be hard as a business owner but I function so much better when I do. I have starter tailoring more of my workouts to the phases in my cycle which I can see as helpful in my everyday life. I also focus on nutrition and make sure I am nourishing myself every day to support my entire body and hormones. 

What does nature mean to you?

Nature and our bodies are so incredible at connecting together. Nature is one of the few things that brings my body into an immense amount of peace. 

What are you currently offering & working on?

I just launched my short course called the 28 Day Menstrual Cycle & Hormone Restarter course which helps people understand their female reproductive system, menstrual cycle, and how to support themselves through each phase physically, emotionally, and nutritionally with meal plans and recipes! I also offer an online course called Blooming Body Blueprint that allows for people to start balance their hormones, metabolism, and reducing inflammation in the body which also incorporates teaching people how to chart their cycle using the sypmpo-thermal method. Lastly, I work with people 1:1 in my Hormone Haven Program for those that prefer more individualized support. 

Where can we find more from you online?

Website Instagram Youtube

Do you have any words of wisdom for our audience?

You know your body best. If you believe something isn't normal and it is making you uncomfortable, don't take no for an answer. Fight and advocate for yourself always. You voice deserves to be heard and acknowledged.

November 11, 2022 — Team Cycles Journal

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