Our Featured Collective


Featured inside of Cycles Journal each year, we collaborate with a select group of beings to grace our pages with wisdom to share with all of you.

Inside Cycles Journal's current edition, you’ll find these lovely humans, who are sponsoring this independent publication's continued existence.

Community is what keeps us connected, inspired, supported & growing. 

2024 Featured Collective

2023 Featured Collective

Adena Rose Ayurveda

Alexandra Bailey | The Heathen Heart

Alyssa Zander

Ashea Fuller | Exceptional Survivor

Beka Bright

Biany Perez

Hara Aramaya | The Monarch Temple

Priestess Heidi Ronquillo | Purple Lotus Healing

Iris Josephina | Cycle Seeds

Jenna Handloff | Aspen Botanicals Apothecary

Jess Wadden | Second Nature Parenting

Jolyn A. Rose | Wombwell

Katlin Campbell | Hommingbyrd Births

Lauren Schwind | Subnormal Child

Lexi Mondot | The Cycle Witch

Lindsay Sara | Flow With Your Flow

Leila Madeline

Lottie Randomly

Mikaela Mama de la Myco

Sabrina Ourania | Womb Alchemist

Sadie Francis

Samantha Zipporah

Sequoia Glastonbury | The Wild Witch

Amanda + Sahara | Weaving the Red Thread

2022 Featured Collective

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