Welcome to Interview with The Collective, an interview series including our Featured Collective Members from past + current editions of Cycles Journal. Through these blog posts, we'll be sharing their wisdom and highlighting their field of focus. 

What brought you to this path of healing work?

Since childhood I had always been fascinated with womxn’s health and earth healing modalities. I didn’t fully answer that inner voice until after the birth of my son in 2017. I was rebirthed into the archetype of the dark mother. My emotions and mental health plummeted. I would see major fluctuations in my weight and my self worth yo-yoing along with it. It wasn’t until western medicine came back with the same, unsatisfying response, that I decided to heal myself. Since then I’ve been on a journey of learning, accreditation and truly being a student and servant to the womxn I serve.

What helps you feel the most connected to your womb & cycles?

Checking in with my womb daily. I’ll typically do this before getting out of bed. Simply rest a hand over my womb and in the silence ask, “how can I serve you today? What do you desire?” Sometimes the answer comes quickly and loud. Other times it’s a whisper that takes time to comprehend. It’s often not a big request or desire at hand but It helps me feel most connected to my womb.

While daily practice is a cornerstone in my own healing and connection, I find a deeper connection through earth embodiment. Through this practice we live daily in support of the womb’s seasons and honor the outer seasons, the seasons of Mother Earth herself. By connecting with ancestral practices in accordance with the seasons and performing rituals that support the seasons intentions, it allows me to drop even deeper into connection with the womb.

What healing remedies, rituals and/or practices help you throughout certain phases of your cycle?

My daily check-in is my biggest ally in supporting me through the phases of my cycle. Sure, the guidelines, foods and activities are great but your own body will always be your best guide. I like to focus on getting the proper nutrients during each phase. For me, it’s the most controllable of the areas to support. I try to include one or two of the suggested foods for each phase during that week.

How has Cycles Journal supported you so far? 

It’s allowed me one place (journal) to track all of my cycle and moon notes in one place. I used to have several journals I would utilize to track my symptoms, the moon, my emotions, but Cycles Journal has helped me to pull it into one space. The informational pieces from other practitioners is a major bonus and has helped me explore my cycle in new and different ways.

What does nature mean to you?

Human nature is earth’s nature. We are the embodiment of the earths seasons. All four of her seasons move through us within one lunar cycle. When we learn to connect with our inner nature, to support its cycles with reverence and intention, we too can be powerful like the earth.

What are you currently offering & working on?

I am currently creating a space for families to connect with each other and the earth more deeply. I’ve seen profound shifts in my own connection to my womb, as well as my clients, through reconnecting with earth rituals. Also, it’s allowed our family to make beautiful, intentional memories and allowed us to live more simply. In addition to my current creation I have two online, set-paced programs. The first connects you with the womb and the earth to hone in on your own Fertile Frequency. The second course is for my expecting people. It carries you from conception through postpartum to assist in easing the transition into motherhood. I often hold one to one consultations and mentoring for my fertility and pregnancy clients who are looking to heal more deeply than the physical plane.

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Do you have any words of wisdom for our audience?

You are you’re greatest healer. You don’t need fancy tools, supplements or programs. Drop into your body, into your womb and listen. The body is always in communication with us, we need only to understand her language. I have no doubt the words from myself and the practitioners in this journal can support you in getting there.

November 18, 2022 — Team Cycles Journal

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