Hi there!

It's Rachael Amber here with a brief message & video sharing some sentiments about this year past.


Grateful doesn't fully sum it up but it is a start to recognizing all the souls who are present here and make creating Cycles Journal & all else we do worth it and possible.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Being an intentional, small-batch indie publication & micro-business in a world that prioritizes speed, profit and control is a heart-driven challenge we are honored to show up for each and every day.

My team & I couldn't do this alone – so thank you for being a part of our community & this collective movement for cyclical healing & embodied living in tune with ourselves, one another & the planet.

Thank you for seeing me in this video – a small but mighty creator working to make a difference in the world through the encouragement & support of this community & collective.

2022 was no easy year, but we learn from the past and move forward. In the video I don't speak of the logistical and financial hurdles we face but they exist and yet we always overcome somehow.

In 2023 many new things are to come and much growth is on the horizon.

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And here are is our advocacy initiative review for how we do our best to care for others & the planet through forwarding your support.

Stay tuned for more – and for now, deep deep gratitude & thanks to all of you!

Be well & happy new year,

Rachael Amber & Team Cycles Journal

December 30, 2022 — Rachael Amber Longo

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