I write to you from the deep north of the states to share some reflections on this time;

In the northern hemisphere, we are approaching our darkest day, which for many of us also joins with the colder weather.

There is so much beauty in the slowing down, but in our modern world it’s often not without resistance or obstacles.

May this time signal that it’s okay to rest, to go deep, to set boundaries and take breaks. We all carry the answers we need inside and can find them nearby when we open to receiving support – we just have to remember our center even in the darkness.

When we forgo force and surrender to the shadows, we might be surprised that beyond the fear lies a different way than what we were told.

It's quite timely that every year in December we get a New Moon in Capricorn – such a perfect ritualistic reminder to tune into our embodied desires and notice where our foundations support us from.

It's a potent time right now and every year with Solstice, the New Moon, the holidays (if you celebrate any), and the new year all being neatly packed into less than month! 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by emotion, pressure, stress, exhaustion – you’re not alone and your experience is valid. There may be hard, heavy lessons here, but remember to listen to your nervous system’s request for rest and reset, and lean into your support systems. We can process and honor this whole thing – both on our own and together in community.

Wherever you are in your personal cycles – the collective cycles are drawing us to root down into the stability of the physical realm – Earth, the element of Capricorn energy. 

This time of year is often very physical-focused and materialistic – but that's not always a bad thing depending on how we interact with it all. 

The holidays can be triggering for many – please be gentle with yourselves and set boundaries as needed. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn – the planet of time, boundaries, structure, commerce and systems. Of course, there are both healthy and toxic manifestations of these forms and ideas. 

In many of our capitalist, colonial, white supremacist dominated societies, Capricorn themes have long been overbearingly toxic – yet it all exists on the same plane and very planet Earth which serves as a grounded example for the support and alternative ways that are possible. We can look deep inside ourselves, out to one another, and to the spirits, plants and the planets for guidance. We can remember our roots from the past & present, and trust in the active reshaping of the future occurring through each of us collectively on our cyclical journeys.

It’s a good time to reflect on how we can engage with our physical being, environment, gifts and purchases in a mindful and connective way. It’s not about not spending or making money or foregoing physical belongings or needing to live off the grid to make a difference – it's about shifting our relationship with physical goods and currencies from the inside out. It’s about choosing what causes and missions you support, where you receive support from, empowering your choices, uplifting marginalized people and movements, and reaching for your tools.

We offer you some tools like guided meditations, resources & more in our Free Healing Library here – and we look forward to continually adding to this library over time!

Here are some questions for reflection for you to write in response to, pull cards for, or share in the community about…

Solstice + New Moon in Capricorn Spread / Prompts:

  • How can I move through this time in an embodied way?
  • What can help ground me should I be triggered?
  • What compassionate boundaries can I set for myself?
  • What am I shifting about my relationship with time and other currencies?
  • What structures am I shifting in my personal realm?
  • What structures am I a part of shifting in my community & collective?


Capricorn season has just begun – and as someone with a Capricorn moon, I’m into it! It’s never a ‘chill’ time, but it’s a powerful one – and isn’t that what we’re here for through Cycles Journal and on our cyclical journeys? Devotion to something deeper…

Stay tuned for the upcoming weeks’ articles & prompts about Reflection Rituals & Grounded Goals. :)


Rachael Amber
& Team Cycles Journal

December 20, 2022 — Team Cycles Journal
Tags: Moonletters

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