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The Pay it Forward Program


In an effort to further dismantle unjust systems we created a fund dedicated to awarding journals to financially-affected folks with a prioritization to those who self-identify as BIPOC &/or are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

This fund allows us to maximize the amount of scholarships & discounts offered so our journal's healing magic can be shared with everyone - especially those experiencing a difficult financial barrier & other modes of oppression.

Empowering & revolutionary action is in the bones of this creation & business’s existence. We cannot ignore the unequal distribution of wealth & privilege, instead we choose to take an active role in the road towards racial justice through this program & more.


As an independent self-publishing business, we have to balance out what is affordable for us and doable with the limited people on our team.

We aim to keep our prices affordable to every buyer, but the self-publishing world doesn’t make it easy, and what’s affordable depends on who you’re asking and what systems they are affected by.

While we appreciate those who support us and pay full price, we also recognize that this is not an option for some folks. Without any shame, judgment or intense screening, we are here to try and work with those who need help getting this healing tool in their hands - because we all deserve it!


1. Each generous donation is taken note of in our spreadsheet and put aside separate from our business funds.

2. Those who apply for assistance are added to our waitlist.

3. We process our applications to determine the best discount or scholarship for your need.

4. When have or receive funds in our pool, we reach out twice a month via email to as many applicants as we can support.

How to Participate

Donate or Apply for Support

GIVE | How You Can Contribute:

If you are in a position to share, your Pay It Forward gift gift makes it possible for us to reach marginalized communities, those experiencing financial strains, youth readers, & more.

The magic of this journal has the power to heal and you have the power to pass that healing forward.

You can support someone in need of assistance: donate to our Pay It Forward Fund here as of February 22nd 2021 we have helped over 35 folks receive assistance to get a Cycles Journal. Thank you for helping us make this possible!


RECEIVE | How You Can Receive Assistance:

1. Self-identify as a financially-affected person (preference is awarded to Black/Indigenous Person Of Color in an effort to dismantle injustices that sadly still exist. Next we will prioritize those in the LGBTQIA+ community.)

2. Apply via the form to let us know what kind of assistance you need

3. We will get back to you once we have offers available. (Usually within a month)

We typically only fulfill Pay It Forward Orders between January – August of each year post peak season & before the next pre-sale.

APPLY here