The Pay it Forward Program

Accessibility is One of Our Core Values

In an effort to do our part in dismantling unjust systems &  hierarchies of capitalism + white supremacy, we created a fund dedicated to awarding journals to financially-affected folks with a prioritization to those who self-identify as BIPOC &/or are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

We believe in equitable access to offline cycle tracking tools. We recognize there are often barriers from receiving the education and care we all deserve – and so wanted to find a way to create connections and opportunity instead.

This is why we started the Pay It Forward Program.

Our goal is to pave paths for Cycles Journal to support as many cyclical beings as possible.

Empowerment & upliftment is in the bones of this creation & business’ existence. We cannot ignore the unequal distribution of wealth & privilege – so we choose to take an active role in the road towards racial justice through this program & beyond.

This Program Helps Us Help Others

As an independent queer-owned business still in its early years of establishing, we have to balance out what is sustainable within the realm of also managing self-publishing, a small team & all else that is involved in keeping this business afloat.

We aim to keep our prices as accessible as possible, but the self-publishing world doesn’t make it easy, and what’s affordable is not a one-size-fits all.

While we appreciate those who support us and are able to pay full price, we also recognize that this is not an option for some folks.

Without any shame, judgment or intense screening, we are here to find a way to work with anyone who wants this healing tool in their hands - because you deserve it.

How It Works

1. Each generous donation is taken note of in our spreadsheet and put aside separate from our business funds that go into our other expenses.

We are also now able to put aside 1% of profits to be funneled into this fund monthly.

2. Those who apply for assistance are added to our waitlist.

3. We process our applications periodically to determine the best discount or scholarship we can offer for your need level.

4. When funds are available in our pool, we will reach out via email to as many applicants as we can support.

How to Participate

Donate or Apply for Support

RECEIVE | How You Can Receive Assistance:

If you are financially affected, we invite you to apply via the form below – we only ask a few basic questions to understand how we can best support you.

We will reach out as soon as we are able to support your request.

APPLY here

GIVE | How You Can Contribute:

If you are in a position to share privilege or financial abundance, your Pay It Forward gift gift makes it possible for us to support more people & break down financial barriers for anyone marginalized by race, gender class, ability or other systems.

Our journal has so much potential to offer – we are grateful for anyone who can help us pass this healing forward.

You can support someone in need of assistance: donate to our Pay It Forward Fund here. Thank you!


The Impact

Since beginning this program in late 2020, we are thrilled to have awarded over $1,812 worth of scholarships and discounts to applicants!!

Thanks to the generosity of our community, we have supported over 140 cyclical beings (as of January 2024) to be able to receive a Cycles Journal!

Thank you to all who have supported this program and thank you for all who are open to receiving from it!