Wisdom Workshop Archive Bundle

$33.00 $300.00

The Wisdom Workshop Archive Bundle is a library of 22 replays of guest-hosted classes by our Featured Collective to help you heal, and connect deeper to your cycles & embodied nature.

This is a $300+ value for just $33! 🙂

Workshops cover topics within the Cycles Journal such as healing, embodiment, cycle awareness, natural remedies & more~

You can access this library through a one-time cost of $35.

Included Wisdom Workshops:

Sacred Blood - Sequioa Glastonbury
Courting The Night: Co-creating with Cycles of Sleep and Dreams - Dagny Deutchman
Embracing Your Power Through Archetypes - Maya Rain
Crystal & Aromatherapy for Womb Healing and Wellness - Heidi
PMDD Why Me? - Mandy Rother
Art in Abortion - Daena
Rewild Your Inner Landscape - Emily Bailey
Demystifying Pelvic Steaming - Jolyn Rose
Somatic Womb Awakening - Hara Aramaya
Exploring the Cyclical Archetypes - Leila Madeline
Self Massage and Marma Therapy for Womb Support - Adena Rose Bright
Preserving Your Fertility - Sabrina Ourania
Womb Ancestral Healing and Meditation - Heidi Ronquillo
Grounding Into Motherhood - Taylor Saison
Planting with Your Cycle - Heather Stoken
Forbidden Fruit - Sabrina of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam
The Cosmic Womb - Kendall Nichole
Menstrual Magic Manifestation Spellwork - Lexi Mondot
Sensual Self Care - Hara Aramaya of The Monarch Temple
Pelvic Health and Liberation - Chaya Leia Aronson, RN BSN of Your Sacred Pelvis
The Cyclical Elements: Ayurveda for the Female Hormonal Cycle - Beka Bright
Channeling Our Wombspace - An Art Ritual to Connect to Our Bodies - Lauren of Subnormal Child