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Pay It Forward - Cycles Journal – Healing Tools for Witches, Women & Womb-Holders

Pay It Forward

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as of February 22nd 2021 we have helped over 35 folks receive assistance to get a Cycles Journal. Thank you for helping us make this possible!


In effort to support financially-affected folks who self-identify as Black/Indigenous Person Of Color, we are creating a fund to offer a range of discounted journals to those in marginalized communities. This is our way of paying it forward as a small biz who cares deeply & wants to get this tool to all who need it!

You pay for the journal & we'll cover shipping & getting it into the hands of someone who needs it :)

Read more about how it works or apply for assistance here!

Thank you for your generosity & considering supporting someone who could deeply benefit from this healing tool :)

Please share this with anyone or any communities you know who may be interested!


**you will not be charged for shipping as this is a Service Product. It will go into our records and be passed along as a physical item to the recipient**