Tattoo Ticket for Single Design by Rachael Amber


Sliding Scale

Thank you for your interest in adorning your body with my creation!

In order to tattoo any artwork on your body from Cycles Journal, or any of Rachael Amber's artworks/designs previously discussed / agreed upon via email, this ticket is required.

This helps support my efforts as an artist to be able to continue to share my work, while ensuring consent is confirmed for both myself and the tattoo artist.

Once purchased, you will receive a Digital Download link to print out this ticket for use of one single design. You may screenshot the design you'd like to bring to your artist. A high quality image will not be provided.

Your tattoo artist is your choice and most reputable artists won't tattoo another person's art without permission. This ticket grants my consent to the design's use and adjustments per your tattoo artists's needs.

(yes, even if you'd like a version or part of my design tattooed, this ticket is still required.)

This is does not give permission to use my artwork for any other purpose, nor does it involve any custom design work or involvement in the process of myself.

Thank you for your support and respect of my artwork & designs!

I'd love to see the final outcome when it's done & please tag me on IG @rachael.amber / @cyclesjournal if you share!