Ground into Now

Breathe deep - you deserve a moment of pause.
What are the origins of cardinal Capricorn energy but the archetype of deep fertile Earth; the roots & soil beneath; the initiatory origins of rest and growth between; the slow steady turning of Saturn's rings.

Boundaries and limitations, timelines and protection - they can all be used compassionately or maliciously, and anywhere in-between.

The minutia, the matters, the micro and macro are never mundane, but miraculous if you consider the possibilities.

Notice the Cycles

What do you notice when you think of systems & structure?

It's normal that those of oppression come to mind first - especially while we are witnessing a genocide and other world crises, while also trying to manage our lives and commitments.

But what happens when we also remember that there are primordial structures that existed before all of this, and still exist now and always?

Capricorn in its essence to me is radical embodiment, rooted in systems of support and not force.

Structure and stability doesn’t start or end in institutions, financials, industrial complexes or biased systems - it starts in our bodies, with our basic needs being met, nourishment, foundations like the bedrock and soil beneath all of us. Our Embodied Ecosystems(tm).

May we remember not to underestimate the fundamentals, like water, sleep and connection to ourselves and others.

May we give gratitude for what we have access to in honor of those who don't.

Allow Creativity & Connection

This doesn't negate the reality of time but rather attempts to speak to how we can't exist within honoring our personal timeline too.

I invite you to give yourself a moment to consider what your personal root system is in need of right now - how can you tend to your foundations?

I've been sharing lots of embodiment practices alongside affirmations, excerpts and previews of the cards from my upcoming in-progress Tarot deck here if you'd like to receive. :)

Reflect & Respond

There is so much that feels heavy right now - please remember to let the Earth hold you. May we trust that the soil remembers and can help us honor the life and death we witness each day in every way.

I invite you to reflect somatically on what feels good today, and write down the things that support you in maintaining a sense of stability within reality.

I have some response ideas for you as well if you are available and able;

  1. If you see this before tomorrow, please check out this resource to contact your senators & reps to voice your support on the South Africa v Israel genocide case before the hearing tomorrow on our new moon.

  2. I also updated that our Cyclical Mindfulness Guide will now forward funds to The Palestine Fund which directly supports on the ground people receive fundamental support items (water, food, blankets, medicine, etc.) to distribute around them.

Gratefully connected,
Rachael Amber (they/she)
Creator of Cycles Journal / Cyclical Roots

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January 10, 2024 — Rachael Amber Longo

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