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What brought you to this path of healing work?

I came to this work after being diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20’s and told I'd have a hard time conceiving. That was when I realized that we deserve better alternatives to heal our menstrual, fertility, & reproductive health issues than what was (and still is) being offered by mainstream medicine. I was only recommended birth control pills at the time and my intuition was clear that those were not the answer, having already experienced the damaging effects of synthetic hormones on my physical and mental health during my teen years. The whole situation inspired me to go back to school to pursue a graduate degree in nutrition & herbal medicine and find a cure for the condition on my own. Within six months of changing my diet and lifestyle, I had reversed PCOS and my debilitating symptoms all went away! I was like, “Wow, this info needs to get out there!”

What helps you feel the most connected to your womb & cycles?

Given that I am pregnant right now, I’m presently exploring my womb in her fullness and the very different yet also parallel cycles of fertility. There is so much to be remembered and revealed in this aspect of womb work. In general though, I have found so much wisdom in the simple act of communing with my womb daily through loving touch and inner dialogue. Aligning my life and work with my cyclical nature (and the lunar rhythm) has been a practice of mine for a long-time and how I stay in constant connection to Nature. There are so many beautiful and embodied practices out there that can support & deepen this connection, but it really can just be that simple also.

What healing remedies, rituals and/or practices help you throughout certain phases of your cycle?

That is always evolving. Becoming a mother and experiencing postpartum and very different menstrual cycles while breastfeeding has invited me into experimenting with new practices and utilizing different natural medicines. However, regardless of where in my womanhood journey I am, the guiding principle has always been trusting my body’s intuitive knowing and letting my womb lead the way. That can look like different things each cycle. That is why maintaining that open line of communication with your womb is so central to the work, because only She can tell you what She needs at any given time, be it a certain herbal ally, an orgasm, or even a song.

What does nature mean to you?

Nature for me, begins with a capital “N” as She is divine & alive. I see her as living through me and every being. The more we can commune with her around and within us, trust in her infinite wisdom, & model our ways of living after her teachings, the more harmonious the world will be. Contrary to the mainstream belief that Nature requires our protection as though she is some victim, I genuinely believe she will thrive regardless of humanity, but I also think by tending to our own Nature, and healing ourselves of toxicity (both physical and energetic) we are also contributing to her healing, as we are part of Her.

What are you currently offering & working on?

I am currently offering new life to the world and working on becoming the Mother I most want to be. To that end, I am presently on maternity leave from my 1:1 Mentorships and the Rose Sciences Mastermind I facilitate for blossoming womb workers. I do have a waitlist for those interested in joining any of these containers with me in 2023. In the meantime, I have several courses and workshops available for individual purchase which I have recently packaged in a bundle entitled the Womb Alchemy Academy. It includes my signature "PMS Codes" course, “Get Off Birth Control & Step Into Sovereign Womanhood” video training, and my “How to NOT Get Pregnant, the Embodied Way” workshop, along with teachings from over 20 guest mentors from the Rose Sciences Mastermind and the Womb Sovereignty Summit that I recently hosted. Next year, I am excited to finally launch some in-person retreats down here in Mexico so stay tuned for that.

Where can we find more from you online? 

Everything is available through my website www.sabrinaourania.com and you can follow along on my birth and postpartum journey via my IG www.instagram.com/womb_alchemist

Do you have any words of wisdom for our audience?

If you are dealing with challenging menstrual or reproductive issues, I highly encourage you to work with a practitioner who specializes in hormonal health, and is utilizing functional methods of testing. There is sooo much we can do to heal from these conditions but it requires we do our due diligence by making it a priority and finding someone (generally outside the mainstream) who is willing to actually help us activate our body’s innate healing rather than simply medicate us or gaslight our embodied experience by telling us everything looks “normal”. Other than that, trust in the wisdom of your body.

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