Moon of Radical Restoration

Welcome to this Moonletter - where we orbit around a focused theme of a cyclical archetype, highlighted during, but not limited to this transit/time & space.

Ground into Now


True restfulness and resourcefulness is radical; in the sense of the origin of the word which means "‘vital to life,’ from Latin radicalis ‘of or having roots’” (source) and in the sense of going against the pressures and oppressions of a world that tries to over-exert and separate us.


To me, radical restoration means a remembrance of inherent belonging and deservingness.


Restoration or rest is not permanent but part of a cycle; a re-turning back to the roots of your needs that are interwoven with those of your community and collective.


Both the relief and resistance of impermanence is reflected in our bodies and experiences.


Rest is revolutionary in the age of capitalism, yet it is inherently necessary. It doesn’t mean do nothing or be stagnant; it means take a break before the break finds you. And the wheel will keep turning and carry you along with it.

...Radical restoration means a remembrance of inherent belonging and deservingness.

Notice the Cycles


In Taurus, the moon finds a moment of reprieve from the ever-changing cycles - not literally, but energetically… change is not a choice, but our relationship to it is; our embodiment of it is. And to embody change we also must embody the roots of it as well as the phase of rest before emergence.

Jupiter and Uranus being conjunct this new moon only amplifies this into a regenerative perspective.


Taurus is the seed stage of germination, after the initiatory invigoration of Aries, before the growth spurt of Gemini and home-becoming of Cancer.


This echos the Page of Pentacles aka the Vessel of Stability card in my forthcoming Embodied Ecosystems Tar-Oracle Deck (i’m about 70% of the way there with the artwork!!), which I visualize as a seed sprout resting and rising. If you’d like to read the card’s affirmation, excerpt and practice, when you join my Patreon for $4, you get access to this card and many more!


With Mars in Aries, I want to race ahead, but I know the next steps can only be found through right pacing with my own body and this state of being.

Allow Creativity & Connection


I wanted to share my deep gratitude for your support or even just presence during Earth Week! However you connected to the amplified focus, thank you. Thank you for being here and listening on this journey.


We were able to raise over $220 for our Pay It Forward Fund - thank you to all who participated & generously supported. <3


As a thank you, I wanted to share a free gift with you all as well; There is a free Cyclical Mindfulness meditation inside our free cyclical community here if you’re interested! Click here to receive it.

Reflect & Respond


Here are some invitational prompts for you to respond to & reflect on as you wish - in your own journal or notebook, and/or share, discuss, ask in our free Cyclical Community's Journaling Prompt & Reflection Circle here. :)

  1. Where have I not been allowing rest?
  2. What can you relinquish to allow for restoration?
  3. Where do you feel the word “radicle” in your body? What does it mean to you?
  4. How can I bring restfulness even into acts of doing?

I’ve also shared this moonletter on my substack, where I really like the fact that you can comment if you want to! You can also read my latest poetry there.

Gratefully connected,
Rachael Amber (they/she)
of Cycles Journal / Cyclical Roots

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May 03, 2024 — Rachael Amber Longo

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