The structured energy from this Capricorn Full Moon during Cancer Season is an invitation to find fulfillment in foundational growth - What am I committed to? How have I grown these past few cycles?

The Capricorn Full Moon takes place on July 3, 2023, at ~7:38 am ET in the element of Earth.

Full moons can signify completion, fertility, and transformation. These lunations can prompt expression and intuitive insights. Full moons also serve as apexes where we get to consider how our new moon intentions are playing out and what may need adjusting in our lives. 

This full moon in Capricorn puts a spotlight on our ambitions and our perseverance. We may find ourselves examining what we are committed to and what the process of pursuing what we are committed to develops inside of us. Capricorn is a businesslike, practical, cardinal earth sign which lends itself to being a realistic and determined leader.

Capricorn encourages us to get all our ducks in a row and follow through with our plans by taking pragmatic steps to get there. Remember: Small steps, great distances. Let us consider how our habits, routines, and pragmatic markers of progress contribute to our growth.

Remember to ground yourself with this full moon, like with all full moons. As exciting and energizing as full moons can be, for some folks, they may feel overwhelming. Take care in ways that feel best for you during this time. 

Regardless of where you are in your cycle or what season of your life you’re currently experiencing, this can be a satisfying time to find fulfillment in foundational growth.

Capricorn, symbolized by The Sea-Goat, is an earth sign that rules the devil card in tarot and understands the value of discipline and prioritizing self-mastery. Capricorn reminds us that we are the bosses of our lives, the captains of our ships, and the masters of our fate! 

Be careful not to let this ambitious energy get out of hand. Remember to prioritize rest, connection, and flexibility when necessary. When balanced, this cardinal sign helps us crush our goals and feel good about the process.

The Capricorn archetype represents structure, stability, logic, and work/finances. Let us benefit from the masterful and resourceful nature of this full moon and find fulfillment in foundational growth.

Finding Fulfillment in Foundational Growth

Here are some prompts to pull cards for or journal about (or both!) to help you reflect on this full moon.

No matter how your journey interacts with these archetypes, it's a good time to reflect on these themes of finding fulfillment in foundational growth.

  • What am I committed to? Why?
  • Which areas of my life need more structure and discipline?
  • How have I grown these past few cycles? 
  • What are the next, best, practical steps for me to take at this time in my life?

As always, take your time answering and reflecting upon these questions – you can revisit them throughout the year and beyond this full moon.

This full moon’s invitation to find fulfillment in foundational growth may inspire you to document your progress in a tangible way. We would love to support you along this journey with the healing tools we have available for you, such as our 2023 Cycles Journal or Cycles Notebook! We're having mega clearance sales on Cycles Journal 2023 – so get yours for 65%+ off!

Use this physical, intentional space to acknowledge the ways you’ve grown, plan your next logical steps, and harness all the goodness of this full moon!

May this full moon encourage you to embrace all the ways you’re growing <3

With Gratitude,

Team Cycles Journal

July 01, 2023 — Team Cycles Journal
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