Hello to you as you are in this moment.

My hope is that this bi-weekly Moonletter meets you well exactly where you are, and is a reminder of your inherent enoughness and interconnection to the whole. Inspired by the framework of Cyclical Mindfulness, this space is both a practice for myself and an offering for you. May you take what resonates from these musings, inspirations, and creations, and leave the rest behind.

Pause into the present

Descending into winter, the sprinkles of frost and snow I wake to remind me to slow down. The darker, shorter days remind me that my energy is not limitless, and so I am being mindful where I direct and spend it, in order to preserve it.

Titration is a word that really resonates this time of year, to maintain a flow, back and forth, to prevent burnout beyond my limitations.

Also, I can’t believe it’s time for Cycles Journal 2024 to shine! Just about a month until it begins. :)

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Notice the cycles

Our Full Moon in the air sign of Gemini exacts at 4:16 am EST on Monday, November 27, 2023.

(If you're reading this at a much later time, it's still relevant to reflect on your life around this time / season, especially in comparison to what's happening now.)

As always, this peak of the lunation cycle is just that; the energy of a transit affects our collective before and after this moment as well. Additionally, we continue to integrate the lessons of a transit well after it shifts - whether we're aware of it or not.

We just entered the season of sagittarius - the wounded healer, wisdom seeker, liberatory teacher, and mystical transmuter. There is much energy and potential for change and creation at this time. There is also a lot of fluctuating mental focus - ideas are liminal but essential.

With our full moon in gemini, this is a time where communication, language and choice are very important. Clarity can feel distant and difficult, especial with our fast-paced world. It’s important to harness your grounding tools during this time of movement and cognitive exhaustion. Take breaks, baths, walks, breaths whenever you can.

The ongoing struggle for understanding continues, especially with mars in sagittarius opposing our full moon and conjunct our sun.

The sun illuminates our search for liberation via shared, collective wisdom channeled through our very planet and origins. Mars amplifies this understanding but can also conflate with the ego via reactivity in opposition to the details that are important in order to avoid bypassing.

Beyond the facade of complexity is an essentiality of wisdom - gemini energy is important to understanding the local and communal details, but can take us out of the larger picture of collective wisdom.

Yet square saturn in pisces, there is a calling towards a softening and opening into the intuitive in-betweens. This may feel more like a resistance and a tension due to this sharp angle amidst the heat of all the current and ongoing suffering, trauma, injustice, and confusion. Pisces can distort, but in the context of saturn, it invites us to bring our spirituality into reality. This can also look like an over-identification with organized structures; valid in our modern era of boundaries, borders, and self-preservation. But pisces asks us of collective resourcing and subconscious needs. Don’t be afraid to reach into the depths during this time - it may just be where you find deeper support.

Last week I offered a reflection & guided meditation practice with our card of the week, the Teacher of Fluidity on my Patreon. You can receive the Wisdom Emerges from the Depths Guided Meditation and much more, including this week’s card & practice, for as little as $4/month.

I heard something along these lines recently, but I can’t remember where;

“when there aren’t answers, maybe it’s time to open up to questions.”

Allow space, and see what surfaces.

Allow it to be felt & seen

Behind the scenes of creativity / reflections on recently...

This week… our CARD OF THE WEEK is the Root of Stability - 4 of Pentacles.


I am supported in my persistence to thrive.
No matter my state of physicality, the foundations of my spirit survive.


What is the texture of home? In a world of displacement, perhaps it can be the feeling of where we meet the Earth - the roots that extend from and to us in many ways, always. What does this safe-enough space feels like to you?

I also offer a guided visual & somatic meditation with prompts to help you embody and practice its essence.

…if you’d like see the full channeled offering for this card - including related practices, prompts & more - please consider joining my Patreon for only $4-12 per month (sliding scale - you choose!) to receive a weekly card pull, special discounts, more exclusive behind the scenes looks at my forthcoming Embodied Ecosystems tarot deck & more!

Thank you SO much to everyone who has become a Patron so far! I’m thrilled to be in this intimate space of sharing with you~

• • •

What’s been supportive & inspiring for me lately:

a note of transparency that the book links support both indie bookstores and myself through affiliation if purchased, because I believe in the power of print, writers, indie bookstores, and accessible knowledge-sharing!

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Giving Back / PIF Updates: current fundraiser and/or funds raised!

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Reflect & Release

Invitations for you to sit with - you can pull cards about these, meditate on them, and/or reflect in your journal or notebook...

  • Where in your life are you in need of more clarity?
  • How can you find or offer clarity?
  • What would support you in grounding?
  • What is a beneficial outlet for your cognitive energy at this time?
  • Are you honoring your capacity?
  • What wisdom have you learned that is healing?
  • What knowledge are you integrating or transmuting?

Gratefully connected,
Rachael Amber (they/she)
Creator of Cycles Journal / Cyclical Roots

All words, photographs and artwork are by Rachael unless quoted or otherwise stated. You're welcome to share (for non-commercial reasons only) so long as credit / links remain attached! Thanks for supporting living artists <3


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November 24, 2023 — Rachael Amber Longo

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