As beings of spirit & matter, we are the embodiment of unity within duality. Nature shows us there is a way to exist on Earth through an interconnected lens - which can create reciprocal healing for yourself & beyond.

My purpose is to channel through reminders to you which help us remember our roots, and return to our resources through visual and written cues.

My goal is to translate these feelings and knowings into something within your reach - tools that can support your wellbeing and help your show up grounded for what life may bring.

I’m thankful to create to support us; the change-makers and creators, sensitive souls and divergent ones. The fluid and multi-faceted, the caring and connected.

We who may struggle with physical, metal and spiritual health, marginalization and societal upkeep… but we keep showing up because there is some part of us that remains connected to a better way. We are not just hopeful, we are present with potential.

Yet sometimes we feel overwhelmed and disconnected - I know I do. So that’s why I create these reminders and tools, for me and you. 

 In this distracting life, everyday is a process of returning & remembering.

We are born to be, but we are taught to act. Here I reconnect to the space between, where we can better find a response rooted in our bodies.

If you’d like to join me in this journey of creation, presence in process, and embodying our ecosystems (without and within), I’d love to be in community and reciprocal support with you through my Patreon membership.

 For just $1-5 per week (your choice/sliding scale), your support will allow me to continue on this long but loved journey to create The Embodied Ecosystems Tar-Oracle Deck: a tool for interconnected remembrance, resourcing and rooted resilience in times of change.

My goal is to help us remember our inherent resources, and equip us with practices, tools and hope through embodiment and envisioning a better future through becoming present with potential.

Through supporting my Patreon, you’ll not only be helping this offering come to live sooner and smoother, but you’ll receive exclusive behind-the-scenes updates along the way. Including a weekly card reading and share from the in-progress deck, with practices (meditations & more), prompts & affirmations to help you integrate the medicine and message of the card!

Additional benefits of merch discounts in my shops, future early-bird and special deal access, and more will also be included for you! And of course, we’ll be in an intimate space where I’m excited to be able to connect more deeply with you, answer questions, and share outside of the overwhelming space of social media!


 You can access all of this for just $4 or more a month. (you’re welcome to choose higher on the sliding scale if you are able to, but my goal is to make this accessible regardless of your income level.)


Thank you for considering this invitation! If it feels good to you, I can’t wait to see you there and commune through all I have to share. :)


Rachael Amber (they/she)




November 16, 2023 — Rachael Amber Longo

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