Yeah, the holidays can feel stressful... and gifts aren't necessary to show your loved ones you care.

But if you are looking for some meaningful artist-made gifts for yourself or others, look no further! :)

I'm excited to share our 2023 & beyond Gift Guide with you! :)

Many of you may not know that here at Cyclical Roots, I (your nature-lovin' artist friend, Rachael Amber) make more than just our infamous Cycles Journal. All of our goods are intentionally designed & carefully sourced, and we have a myriad of gifts & goodies within a wide price range!

We also have gifts for all - including & also beyond those in your life who bleed or have wombs, we honor the full cycles of life. Think of anyone in your life who loves nature, pollinators, & living in sync with the seasons and cycles :)

You can still let your loved ones know you're thinking of them around the holiday season (or anytime!) while sticking to your budget!

Plus, all orders come with a cute little Cyclical Roots bookmark. :)

Here are some ideas to gift yourself or others!

We have many decorative accessories & adornments like stickers, single patches, pins & more under $10 here!


We have even more useful goods like our undated notebook, youth cycles journal, earrings & our Cyclical Mindfulness Guide gifts under $25!
And under $75 we have our cozy sweatshirt apparel and the full set of our pollinator patches! (note you can get a single patch for just $8, but you get a deal when you buy the full set!)

Last but not least, we have a whole directory of AMAZING community members who all offer their owns goods and services! Browse this space to keep shopping small no matter where~


No matter what, we hope you have a lovely holiday season!


Be well,

Rachael Amber & Team Cyclical Roots

December 04, 2023 — Rachael Amber Longo

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