The Leo Full Moon takes place on February 5, 2023, at ~1:28 pm ET in the element of Fire.

Around the time of the full moon, we may find ourselves with an urge to be outside or express whatever has been bubbling underneath the surface for us these past few weeks. There may be an itch to pay attention to what emotions and thoughts feel amplified for you right now. What's coming up for you, that feels as big and bright as the moon?

As big and bright as the full moon already is, this full moon is in Leo! This lovely fire sign always feels so charming and playful to me. Leo energy has great courage, confidence, and natural generosity. This energy supports any intentions set in motion during the Aquarius New Moon. Leo encourages us to lead and take action toward bringing our visions to life in the most vibrant way.

This full moon in Leo, with the undercurrent of Aquarius season, I encourage you to step into courageous action. Remember how worthy you are of achieving and receiving the fruit of the intentions you set during this past new moon. 

Courageous and Inherently Worthy

Although it may be best to refrain from making impulsive decisions under the full moon's influence, we may feel encouraged in the coming weeks to make courageous decisions. 

Courageous decisions involve doing what you know is right, even in the face of opposition. Courageous decisions include choosing what you know in your heart is best and necessary, even in the face of fear. Having courage sometimes means bypassing the mind's anxieties and following the heart's roadmap. Where have you exercised courage in the past, and how can you use that energy in your life now?

Leo rules the Strength card in tarot and understands, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” What’s more important to you than your fear? 

Remember that you are worthy. You are inherently worthy and deserving of the fruit of making courageous decisions. You are worthy of all the blessings you find beyond your comfort zone. 

Expanding Creative Potential to Embrace Self Worth

Here are some prompts to pull cards for or journal about (or both!) to help you unleash and actualize what has yet to be realized. In other words, may these prompts help you see yourself and your life in a new way.

No matter how your personal astrology interacts with these signs, it's a good time to reflect on these themes of realizing your creative potential, acting with courage, and embracing self-worth.

  • What areas of my life do I desire to create bigger goals and greater outcomes? 
  • What were some of my most courageous moments in life so far? How did those decisions impact my life moving forward?
  • What blocks me from feeling worthy of all that I desire?
  • What areas of my life are in need of my courage now? 
  • What stops me from confidently sharing my gifts with others?

As always, take your time answering and reflecting upon these questions – you can revisit them throughout the year and beyond this new moon.

This full moon's courageous, creative potential may inspire you to share your wisdom with others. We support you in doing so and encourage you to get on our waitlist to secure a space in our Featured Collective and/or HRD! Spaces open up 2/7/23 to be in our next edition, and will be a very limited number of spots available before the end of the month! 

We're opening feature spots for folks who want to share their teachings and offerings in next year's Cycles Journal. This opportunity to collaborate in reciprocity with us in this special way only comes around once a year. We always look forward to it with gratitude as it makes this independent publication truly possible and brings a beautiful web of change-makers together. :)

May this vibrant full moon fill you up in the best ways <3 

With Gratitude,

Valencia & Team Cycles Journal

February 03, 2023 — Team Cycles Journal
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