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Ground into Self-Nurturance With Us

A series of accessible virtual offerings where we ground down together and embody the seasonal & energetic shifts into the solstice.

We offer admissions at sliding scale tiers so you can choose what is most in alignment for you.

It's not too late to join us & receive recordings!

Connect Deeper To Your Nature & All Nature That Surrounds Us

Join us for a deeper dive with 11 guided workshops to help you ground & connect deeper to your body, womb & the moon

If you're...

πŸŒ‘ missing community,

πŸŒ’ seeking deeper connection to your body,

πŸŒ“ feeling numb or overwhelmed,

πŸŒ” curious about natural remedies to support your life & cycles,

πŸŒ• holding tension & heaviness that needs to be released from your body,

πŸŒ– wanting to unlock & follow your intuition & connection to spirit,

πŸŒ— desiring greater intimacy & affection with yourself and/or others,

🌘 unsure of how to unlock your creative potential that's boiling beneath the surface,

πŸŒ‘ & feeling ready align with the seasons & cycles of the Earth,

... then please join us for a series of magical, empowering workshops from our hearts to yours!

These 11 Expansive & Healing Virtual Workshops Are:

πŸ₯€ Primal Power Reclamation Ritual with Jessi Magick

πŸ₯€ Breathwork for Self-Care with Eryn Johnson 

πŸ₯€ Plant Medicine for Healing - Learn how to make your own Womb Massage Oil with Alissa Maya as Akasha Moon Medicine

πŸ₯€ Intro to Intuitive Development: Daily Ritual with Alexandra Kurowski from Oracle of Adelphi

πŸ₯€ Authentic spirituality and body magic! with Ani Ferlise

πŸ₯€ Intuitive Art Class with Lauren Schwind from Subnormal Child

πŸ₯€ Nourishment and Self-Care for the Menstrual Cycle with Laura Camody from Priestessing The Paradigm Shift

πŸ₯€ Radiant Rose Heart Breast Massage Ritual with Amanda Ananda as The Tantric Mama

πŸ₯€ Womb wisdom = Liberation, An Embodied Experience to Unleash the Power of Your Womb Space with Nicole Pemberton as The Goddess Moves

πŸ₯€ Ground into Intention: Creating a Sacred Space for your Healing Journey with Rachael Amber from Cycles Journal

 πŸ₯€PLUS the Opening & Closing Solstice Ceremony & Moon Circle with Rachael Amber, founder of Cycles Journal & Hara, The Genderless Witch


Meet Your Space Holders

Rachael Amber | Cycles Journal

Rachael Amber (she/they) is an illustrator, designer, writer, activist, plant-lover and green witch based in Philadelphia but recently moved to the mountains of New Hampshire.

She creates art to raise environmental awareness, social justice, healing and radical self-care. She creates the annual lunar & menstrual tracking space Cycles Journal out of the heart- driven desire to empower us to connect deeper to ourselves and our cycles, and to overcome the negative stigma surrounding our magic.

Rachael's Instagram

Hara | The Genderless Witch

Hara (they/them) is an inner alchemy space holder who facilitates sacred containers for those who are wanting to connect deeper with the divine within. Their craft is womb and heart centric geared toward deconstruction and decolonization so we can live abundantly on the sacred ecosystem governed by Gaia. In addition, they contribute to and advocate towards inclusivity and equity for gender expansive folks in healing spaces. Their passion is to bring genesis beyond the binary filter.

Hara's Instagram

Gabriel | Opulence Haus

Gabriel (he/him) is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, artist, Priestexx, media & business intuitive energetic consultant, and a social, cultural, & gender equity, eco-conscious advocate for Mama Gaia and has a vision of creating Gaia-Centric Wealth & Prosperity. 

Gabriel’s being in this lifetime comes from the intersectional perspective of a Lantinx and trans masculine being. Gabriel’s mission in this lifetime is to breakthrough barriers/limitations that we, humans, have created for ourselves and to ground Light into Earth by supporting in the acceleration of our collective human ascension.

Gabriel is holding space in co-creating and producing Cycles Journal Summit with Rachael & Hara.

Gabriel's Instagram

Nicole Pemberton | The Goddess Moves

Her lineage comes from the islands of Antigua/Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, and the countries of England and Canada. She has an extensive background in performance and education in dance. Nicole has studied in Health coaching, somatic movement, energy modalities (Reiki, Crystal therapy). She is a womb priestess, dance artist, educator, writer, speaker, and a Temple Body Artist through mentorship with Sofiah Thom. It is through the experiences that Nicole went through, the study and mentorship she has now birthed her platform The Goddess Moves. Through The Goddess Moves Nicole offers 1:1 mentorship and online group programs. She facilities sacred space for women to deepen into a transformative relationship with their womb space.

Nicole's Instagram

Jessi Magick | Wild Essence

Jessi Magick Head Mystress of Wild Essence: School of Feminine Magick + Mysteries attunes to wise whispers of Nature for the soul purpose of the embodiment, enchantment and empowerment through the reclamation of the Sacred Feminine on the planet.

Through intuitively - intelligent- magical -movement Flesh Spells, powerful ritual and ceremony; Jessi calls back what is instinctual - raw - and intrinsically present in the bones. It is her mission through all she shares to call home the WILD in all who seek to reclaim their birthright.

Jessi's Instagram

Ani Ferlise

Endearingly called the Priestess of Passion, Ani has one mission in this world — to remind you why life is worth living. Ani has dedicated her entire adult life and thousands of hours finding answers through different trainings, spiritual apprenticeships, and healing modalities, to help decrease stress, overwhelm, shame, and anxiety and transform them into vitality, connection, and pure pleasure to help create the most alive, connected, orgasmic life you were born to experience.

Now she’s here to share all everything she learned with you. Through sensual ritual, honoring your transitions, Body Ceremony, and sex magic, she is here to help you find your magic in the mundane and live your most vibrant, bliss filled life — every. damn. day.

Ani's Instagram

Amanda Ananda | The Tantric Mama

Amanda Ananda is an International Tantric Facilitator and Domestic Goddess of two outrageous young boys. Amanda has a diverse Tantrica background that allows for a unique, blissful and radiant experience to unfold in her workshops, online courses and sessions.

Working with Amanda will assist you to clear what blocks you from your true light, guiding you in opening up to the miracle of life, and embracing the bubble of “Ananda” (or, in English, Bliss!) that is constantly accessible to us all. She is tremendously enthusiastic and humbled to share these teachings with the wonderful souls who say ‘HEAVEN’S YES’ to time spent with her.

You can follow her at Amanda Ananda on Facebook or @thetantricmama on Instagram. Go to www.TheTantricMama.com for free meditations, online courses, private sessions and event schedule.

Amanda's Instagram

Lauren Schwind | Subnormal Child

Artist and art teacher in Philly that works to facilitate intuitive creativity as a spiritual practice.

Lauren's Instagram

Alexandra Kurowski | Oracle of Adelphi

Alexandra Kurowski is a well seasoned Intuitive Reader, Facilitator, Teacher & Sound Artist, living the dream in Philadelphia. She has a rich background in art, esotericism, nutrition, bodywork and community development that offer a unique experience both in classes and one on one sessions. Alexandra uses her intuitive insights to advocate for our bodies, and the tender voices within them. She is a mother to 3, and a psychic mama bear to all.

Alexandra's Instagram

Eryn Johnson

Eryn is a healing artist based in Philadelphia and the host of the Living Open podcast for mystics and seekers. Her work helps you embody more of yourself with breath and energy medicine.

Eryn's Instagram

Laura Carmody | Priestessing the Paradigm Shift

Laura Carmody (she/her) is a menstrual health and empowerment educator, and the founder of Priestessing the Paradigm Shift. She loves to support people as they cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with their bodies and cycles. Laura trains groups and individuals in Red Tent Facilitation, and brings practical Red Tent bleeding spaces to festivals and gatherings.

Laura's approach to sacred menstruation recognizes the systemic inequities that have lead to period poverty, inaccessibility of menstrual necessities, and global menstrual taboos. She believes that all menstruators deserve to bleed with dignity, with access to menstrual education and care, and with clean water. She is devoted to playing her part in stewarding a world where menstruation is truly respected.

Laura's Instagram

Alissa Maya | Akasha Moon Medicine

Folk herbalist and Moon medicine creatrix living in Northern California.

Alissa's Instagram

CHoose one of our tiers, each with sliding scale options

Full Embodied Access

✨ LIVE ACCESS to the Entire Summit of all 11 Workshops

✨ LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL 11 Workshop Recordings

✨ LIVE ACCESS to the Opening Solstice Moon Circle & Closing Circle

I Invest In Myself

Total Embodiment Access: Exclusive VIP Offering

✨ LIVE ACCESS to the Entire Summit of all 11 Workshops

✨ LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL 11 Workshop Recordings

✨ LIVE ACCESS to the Opening Solstice Moon Circle & Closing Circle

✨ LIVE ACCESS to Integrative Tea Time held by Hara, The Genderless Witch

✨ 15% Discount Code for Cycles Journal Art Merchandise

VIP Gift Offerings Include:
πŸ₯€ 15 Minute Tarot Card Reading from Lauren Schwind of Subnormal Child

πŸ₯€ Blood, Bones + Magick Mini Course from Jessi Magick of Wild Essence Magick

πŸ₯€ Breathwork Meditation for Self-Care from Eryn Johnson

πŸ₯€ 10 Moontime Rituals PDF from Amanda Ananda of The Tantric Mama

πŸ₯€ 3 Powerful Exclusive Meditations, Recorded Video Embodiment Practice & 30 minute Womb Activation from Nicole Pemberton of The Goddess Moves

πŸ₯€ Intro to Intuitive Development Series from Alexandra Kurowski from Oracle of Adelphi

πŸ₯€ 1 on 1 session & Custom Womb Oil from Alissa of Akasha Apothecary 

πŸ₯€ A Sex Magic Guided Ritual from Ani Ferlise

πŸ₯€ The Nourished Womb Guided Meditation from Laura Camody of Priestessing The Paradigm Shift

πŸ₯€ Integrative Tea Time Circle with Hara, The Genderless Witch

πŸ₯€  BONUS: The Magic of Tracking our Moon Cycles Webinar with Rachael Amber and Amanda Ananda

I Believe in the Law of Reciprocal Abundance & My investment will come back to me 10x!

From Our Hearts to yours, choose your magic:

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Q1: When + How do I access my ticket?

A1: Once bought, your ticket access is emailed to you via a downloadable PDF file. Once you open it, the zoom links are hyperlinked on the PDF and if you're a VIP ticket holder, the Cycles Journal Merch Discount Code is written for you to copy & paste.


Q2: How do I receive & access my VIP gifts? 

A2: We will be sending our VIP'ers their gifts after the Summit is over, sometime in Late January to Early February so you have more time to provide yourself your self-care & integration.


Q3: How long is each course; presentation?

A3: Each course; presentation will be anywhere from 30 - 90 mins long, depending on the facilitator.


Q4: Will each course be recorded?

A4: Yes, each course is recorded, however only Full Embodied (Tier 2) and Total Embodiment (Tier 3; VIP) ticket holders will receive access to the recordings.


Q5: How long will I have access to the recordings?

A5: Full Embodied & Total Embodiment Access ticket holders have FULL LIFETIME access to the recordings.


Q6: When will I receive the recordings?

A6: All recordings will be sent after the end of the summit.


If you have any further questions, please email opulencehausstudios@gmail.com 

Mahalo, we're looking forward to being with you!

We look forward to connecting with you!

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