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While it's too late to be in our printed edition of Cycles Journal 2022, it's not too late to join our online directory! 

Our online directory will be updated & present on our frequently-visited website for the entire year of 2022. Join us for a discounted price while space lasts.

All sponsorships support your growth by connecting you directly with our audience, & all funds go directly into our printing fund for the upcoming year's publication. As an independent journal, you're helping make this creation possible each year!
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The Healing Resource Directory is a unique yearly opportunity of reciprocal support & connection

 Each year, both inside of Cycles Journal & on our frequently visited website, we are weaving a web - a healing directory to link us all on the path to cyclical & natural healing. 

This integrated directory allows everyone to have direct access to recommendations on where to get help & further their healing journey - conveniently attached to the very journal that is fostering their progress. 

 Significantly more authentic & flowing than social media advertising; instead of searching for the crowd who needs your offerings, they’re already here~ 

 You have something to offer the world that no one else has, and we want to help you share that in a mutually beneficial way!


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