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I know there's another way, that doesn't ignore the way of the individual or the collective.

I envision a world where we are more connected to our body's intrinsic connection and belonging in relationship to ourselves, others and the Earth.

I envision a time when we are not disembodied from our sense of place, and in which we have personal, communal and collective support to feel seen and give space to our feelings.

I envision a space in which we can honor our fears and pain with presence not pressure for perfection.

Yet we live in an age of linear-time, where "mind over matter" blocks us from listening to what truly matters most. You are not alone in this fault that is not of your own, but has been bred continually for centuries by colonialism, capitalism, and the whole cocktail of oppressive structures that affect us all.

We are often taught to seek solutions and remedies outside of ourselves. While sometimes they are valid, and it's important to know there are supportive systems of care that can help too, sometimes we are simply skipping the first important step of checking in with ourselves first.

We are taught this is selfish, but receiving your own consent first is life-affirming. No one can give you that other than your own body, nervous system and spirit - the very elements you are made of.

People have not always pushed against the profound presence and reciprocity of Earth. Indigeneous people, cultures, lands and origins show us that there is a way beyond pushing against our own boundaries and desires.

There is a way of living that considers how we affect our environments and relations, while also honoring our own needs.

Living mindfully and cyclically takes practice, especially as the tides in our capitalistic world push against our efforts to just exist.

This is why I've been developing a methodology intended to fill in the gaps of the intersections of cyclical, seasonal living and mindful embodiment; a technique that helps us access and harness our innate resources we already hold within our senses.

If you'd like to be guided in practicing this foundational method to deepen your roots and strengthen your center through simple, practical and versatile techniques...

Cyclical Mindfulness can help support you in any (or possibly every) area of your life. 

From mental health, to menstrual cycle tracking, to nervous system triggers, to collective crisis where you feel stuck and uncertain... there is never just one answer or way. Cyclical Mindfulness helps you find YOUR way.

I believe this is one doable, personal action that brings us a step closer to collective change & healing.

there is never just one answer... Cyclical Mindfulness helps you find YOUR answer.

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