My Moon Cycles Journal: Youth Edition for Teens & Pre-Teens

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For pre-teen + teen menstrual cycle tracking, wellness & learning.
Support the young ones in your life with their transition into menarche & their early years of experiencing life with a menstrual cycle.
Help your daughters, nieces & young ones with periods build a healthy foundational relationship with their cycles from the start – so they can build a better relationship with their period, mood, body & wellness through daily tracking, journaling & checking in.

  • daily journaling space
  • undated for flexible use
  • mood, symptom & habit-tracking
  • space for notes
  • questions & reflections for checking in
  • some health class info & illustrations
  • youth appropriate
  • introductory level information & practices
  • moon cycle referencing
  • mother & parent-approved!

Created for girls, kids & pre-teens & teens ages 9-17. 

Undated tracking & journaling pages for flexibility of use – ideally used daily for consistency and habit-building, but even if used inconsistently, the journal will still have the same benefits + purpose.

Table of Contents

  • 20 Pages of Age Appropriate Informational & Reference Materials;
    • You & Your Cycles (about the menstrual cycle, feelings + stigma, & its importance)
    • Questions for Reflection (feelings and curiosities around periods)
    • Your Period is Only a Part of a Cycle – The 4 Phases/Inner Seasons Overview
    • Tips for Period Wellness (suggestions on what to avoid or do before, during & after your period to support less discomfort)
    • The Menstrual Cycle (diagram + a breakdown of each phase)
    • Where It All Happens: The Uterus (Illustrated Diagram & information)
    • This is Your Vulva – Age-appropriate illustrated diagram
    • The Moon Phases + Intention-Setting
    • My Healing Toolkit (ideas + a space to record things that help when you are upset or in pain)
    • Healthy Habits: Tips & tricks to Help you Track
    • How to Use Example Pages
  • 91 undated daily tracking & journaling pages for 182 days (half a year) of use (each day is half a page | each page contains 2 days)
  • Space for Notes
The additional pages in the front of the journal are both informational + interactive so that they can not only learn about the physical world of having a period, but also the emotional side of it all. The goal is to help them learn what they need to in an approachable book with nice illustrations that can feel like their own safe space, while also helping them process any embarrassment, fear, or uncertainty around their periods.


  • 118 pages total:
  • Undated pages for about half a year of use – 91 undated daily tracking & journaling pages for 182 days (half a year) of use (each day is half a page | each page contains 2 days)
  • + 27 info/reference pages + space for notes.
  • 5.5x8"
  • Softcover – Matte
  • Text-weight uncoated paper for easy writing
  • Perfect-bound booklet
  • Undated