Earthen Encouragements: Customized Channeled Message Just for You

$88.00 $111.00

Personally channeled hand-drawn & -written messages 
translated from spirit into a physical keepsake just for you.

My version of a tarot reading, but drawn for you...

This feels like my personal version of a sort of divination or tarot reading, translated into a physical keepsake original art piece for you to remember through.

I want to offer a bridge from the Earthen spirits I work & create through, to you - in the form of a custom piece of art & writing.

I am offering my practice of service to you, so that I may be a bridge to affirm & connect you to messages & visuals

meant to help guide you deeper into remembrance of your inherent belonging as a part of this planet’s integral whole.

I plan to offer this alone in the future for something like $111,

but if you get it as a part of the Cycles Journal Pre-sale bundle now, it’s only $66 within the Bundle or $88 on its own during the presale.

This feels like a culmination of all my passions & practices, shifted towards you...

I practice through a mix of traditions and intuitive paths.

I am grateful and fortunate to have been mentored by a lineage-holder through a Spirit-and-Earth-honoring path of mediumship and channeling that originates from ancestral lands of mine.

I’ve been feeling ready to offer channeled readings in the form of enchanted handwritten & -drawn messages.

These messages will not be dogmatic opinions or solutions, 

They will be reconnection points to a deeper part of yourself through and from the Earth.

What to expect!

Post-purchase, you’ll be prompted via email to provide the few things I need to connect consensually and thoughtfully to your energy as I channel this message for you;

  • your name & pronouns
  • a photo or video of you (feel free to use something you already have)
  • anything you want me to know about you? (optional)
  • a photo or video of something(s) you love

From here, I will be able to meditate at my altar with my trusted spirit guides in relation to yours, and translate what messages and visuals want to come through just for you.

I will then snail-mail the piece to you so that you can have it as a physical keepsake in your space forever.

Please allow 2-3 weeks from placing your order for me to tend to the time and energy this takes before I finish and ship it out.

You’ll know it’s on the way when you receive a tracking # to your email once complete!

Disclaimer & Boundaries

This is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to cure or diagnose anything.

For this offering, custom means I create / personalize it just-for-you.

This does not include art direction, just trust, in order to honor what channeling is.

That being said, I do ask you preliminary questions in order to align with you and your energy & spirits in order so that it is truly personalized for you.

Why trust me with this?

I recognize this requires trust and I am grateful for your spiritual discernment!

Art is my love language and way of making sense + offering connection & healing in the world.

I have developed a very clear channel over years of practice and it has become evident that I do not create alone, nor are my creations for me alone.

Hopefully you can feel a bit about who I am through my nature-centric artwork that embodied and advocates for my values of mindfulness, self-awareness, liberation collective care, & more. You can read more about me here if you're new!

I practice through a mix of traditions and intuitive paths that interweave into my art.

I am grateful and fortunate to have been mentored by a lineage-holder through a Spirit-and-Earth-honoring path of mediumship and channeling, Espiritismo, that originates from ancestral lands of mine.

I am very devoted to this path, along with Engaged Buddhist practices and EcoDharma.

I honor and am deeply curious about all spiritual and religious traditions, and I trust that you know that my paths and origins and traditions do not have to match yours in any way for me to channel open-mindedly for you.

And I’m happy to answer any other specific questions via DM or email!