Honeybee Hard Enamel Pin

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This honeybee pin pays homage to our pollinating bee friends - our agricultural helpers. In honor of representing these sacred creatures, I felt it important to make a badge as bright & connected as their existence is. Bees hold so much vitality and represent what interconnects all life on Earth: plants, food, and active energy.

Within the body of the bee are symbols that represent life & interconnectedness. The sun represents the warmth and light that keeps us warm and energized, and its counterpart the moon represents the subconscious, internal energy at work. Balance of night & day, dark & light. The hexagonal honeycomb pattern inside the wings represents their hive’s pattern; a place of home, connection & collaboration - things we all value in our lives and the creatures on Earth. The symbol at the core of the bee is the Flower of Life, which is a sacred geometric symbol found in many places around the world. It spans cultures, religions & philosophies, yet contains a universal meaning of oneness and balance of life. Last, the plant sprigs are present at both the base and crown of the bee to represent the growth & life within all of us on a physical & spiritual level, and of course to represent the importance of plant-matter in the lives of bees and the rest of us.

This pin is 2" wide, with copper lining and yellow hard enamel fill. It has a double-pinback to ensure it doesn't rotate once it's pinned on!

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