Moon Cycles Hard Enamel Pins 1.5" / Shiny Gunmetal Silver Double Pinback /Uterus and Lunar Phases Lapel Pin


This design is what started it all for all of us - representing the cyclical nature within and around us all. We who contain uteruses are pulled by the lunar influence that causes the tides to ebb and flow just like our own internal energy. Our menstrual cycles are our phases of the moon. This design, now as an enamel pin, represets the unity and lifeforce within us all. We are powerful beautiful beings, and we should feel empowered and connected to ourselves and one another. ❤

At 1.5" it's a pretty big pin, a bit bigger than a $1 gold coin!
Hard enamel with screen-printed white.

Double-backed for extra security and so that it doesn't spin around when you wear it.

These pins are pretty shiny, and look amazing in sunlight. Subtle but also not too much :)

This design is from my illustrated moon & menstrual tracking journal Cycles Journal. Learn more or pre-order this pin with your 2020 journal at ❤