Embroidered Endangered Pollinator Iron-On Patches


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The Endangered Pollinator Patch Series is originally designed & illustrated by Cycles Journal's artist/founder Rachael Amber @rachael.amber

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These emblems of honor are designed to raise environmental awareness and speak for the beauty of nature. These designs highlight 7 pollinators who are currently at risk for survival and are listed on the endangered species list. These patches that can be worn separately or as one unit together, forming a larger back patch in the shape of the Flower of Life. 

3x2.5" each
Iron-on backing included

The endangered pollinators in this collection (from top to bottom, left to right) are the:
- Dakota Skipper
- Longhorn Elderberry Beetle
- Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee
- Blackburn's Sphinx Moth
- Monarch Butterfly
- Mariana Fruit Bat
- Rufous Hummingbird
& the "extra" patch is the not-endangered but still very much at risk beloved Honeybee in hand.

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