Jessi Mendez of Wild Essence Alchemy

Jessi Mendez of Wild Essence Alchemy

We all possess the dark and the light, yin & yang, solar & lunar, inner & outer. We are conscious of both, but our world is often not existing in both.


In the current state of society, there is more dark, there is more yang, there is more external emphasis. This is not to say the other side does not exist in our world, but it is dimmed, repressed. 


Logic, structure, mentality & physicality are valuable but not the end-all; these traits are imbalanced without perspective of feeling, intuitive knowing, connection to nature and sensory empathy. Both sides intertwined allows us to grow healthily & live in more balance. When we merge the two and live within them simultaneously, we become closer to being in interconnection.


It is our personal mission to reawaken the fire within us, our intuitive nature, our cyclical being, our lunar influence, the crone within us all, the wise wild womxn within. She/they will always exist within us, but whether awake or not is up to us. But often, we cannot realize this alone. That is not due to any sort of lack, just sheerly that we are social beings, needing influence and validation from external sources. Where there is love and community alongside these lessons, we embody them more easily.


Balancing our nature can be uncovered in many ways, through journaling, working within classes, spending more time in nature, spending more time alone, spending more time in communities that help us expand and support us, and so on…


Personally, I have always been one to seek answers and healing in solitude. But in the recent years I have learned that I can expand what I find in solitude even more so in groups that feel safe and loving. Spending time with like-minds has helped me open my mind to much that I may not uncover alone. Being with others in the right settings supports both inner and outer healing, and lends support for it all.

I am grateful for the womxn & folks who I’ve been lucky enough to connect with who are also on healing journeys, unified by a desire to embrace nature and our own nature. Those who I have crossed paths with, who embraced vulnerability alongside one another are quite special.

I found some of this space in the Red Tent at Unifier in Western Massachusetts this past summer. This gathering on special land in the Berkshires was filled with connection, compassionate understanding and much growth.

Within the red walls of the Red Tent, I felt held alongside others, as if we had returned to a womb. I thank Amanda Ananda & Freya McFarlane for this safe space where we could hold one another in openness and healing. This space sought to reclaim what is our - restful and loving space to be in sisterhood during cyclical times. We were reclaiming the solitude and space that is ours to heal in, not to be repressed into.

We connected and carried the weight of so much in our hands and then breathed it away together. I felt supported and understood the pure value of community there.

I carried this community with my beyond the ever-too-short weekend I spent there. I knew that this space created would support me because it was now awakened inside of me.

Those who lift us up in times of need are special - the ones who see the true us and trust our visions and instincts just because we align. 

I feel a deep gratitude and love for someone I met there who instantly knew my mission & trusted my abilities as I began to create a tool to help us heal. We shared a link - a vision to heal the internal, intuitive side of us all through healing tools & communities. We bought strive, in different ways, to empower womxn all around to embrace their wild, natural selves and know the ins and outs of our cyclical being. This woman inspires me so much - her name is Jessi Mendez. She was the first sponsor for the current 2020 issue of Cycles Journal who dove right into helping me up when I was struggling to accumulate funds to get the journals printed. Through a trade - magic was possible and more of it is able to spread.

Jessi is the founder, creatrix and lovely mind & soul behind Wild Essence Alchemy - a sacred movement of educational and experiential soul nourishment - both online and in sensational natural locations- for rebellious women in a time of crumbling confinement systems. I am inspired by her creations and am thankful she felt the same about mine. Her support, kind encouragement and praise is part of the reason Cycles Journal is alive and well in and in the hands of many around & across the world today! <3

Jessi is a wild soul who is also catalyzing change in the realms of reclaiming our sacredness & connection to our natural selves. The courses she creates, community events she organizes, and worldly retreats she leads all hold glorious space for us to grow and reconnect through.

Connecting to our wild nature, our truest form, is our right, our freedom. Jessi makes this abundantly clear through all she does & creates. I highly recommend visiting her offerings through Wild Essence. As someone who once was looking for awakening, sisterhood and encouragement to embrace the call, I trust Jessi’s heart to guide her students to that place. Her courses are a sacred movement of educational and experiential soul nourishment. They exist both online for convenience, and in sensational natural locations for the explorers and seekers.

“We call home to your Wild. Sacred. Feminine. Essence, reclaiming the stifled, silenced, repressed and buried bones of our soul.

We refuse to segment the practice of oneness by subscribing to a category, check box or style.

We offer our Sisters medicine teachings from lineages around the world and the wisdom of our own KNOWING. 

Anchored in honor of elemental nature, our offerings alchemically transmute the structure that has held us captive. 

We break the confines of the cages offering tools to RECLAIM our BIRTHRIGHT to remember ourselves - as the Wild, Sacred, Feminine Essence - to come HOME and thus live a wildly, unapologetically empowered life.



You can view her Online Course Catalog/Sacred Virtual Container here :

Her courses include; Carnal Nature : Sexual ReWilding Course / Conscious Business Creatrix : Sacred Feminine Entrepreneurship & Lifestyle / Wild Enchantress : Women’s Work Training / Essence of Magic : Plant & Energy Medicine Training / 500HR Yoga Facilitator Training : RYS200 + RYS300  [ Movement Medicine for the female anatomy ] / Wild Mystic Advanced Facilitator Training [ Includes all courses ] + Flesh & Bone Circle for those enrolled in an online training ONLY 

Immersive retreat weeks in international locations are released each year. Retreat immersions are sacred containers of sisterhood held by Wild Essence facilitators. Facilitators worldwide also call circles for their communities to gather. The amazing 2020 Locations include; Costa Rica, Aruba, Jamaica, Italy, Vermont.

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There is so much power in lifting one another up - together we are stronger & we heal the world with unity & care.

January 05, 2020 — Team Cycles Journal

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