On str!ke for Palestine 🍉✊🏼 from January 21-28 in Global Solidarity, for us means honoring the needs of all communities. It means creating more space to show up in solidarity with Pal es tyne through our attention and other forms of exchange.

We stand firmly against g3nocide and col0nization, period. We stand firmly with the people of all places, not the systems that oppress.

This also means sustaining our own community commitments and mission through what we create for both collective and person liberation.

I am a strong believer in the in-betweens rather than extremes. So we are str!king through reprioritizing.

We will dedicate our platforms this week to action and awareness, but still tend to essential and order-related emails and community needs to ensure all are considered in this process.

Spending will be reduced to a bare minimum and all purchases will be screened to ensure they don't fund g3nocide.

Our shop will remain open in order for us to continue to share our support with the world and sustain our tiny microbiz revolution, and we will also be rallying a percentage of all funds to go to the Pal es tyne Fund. Especially our Cyclical Mindfulness Guide - a larger a percentage from this very relevant tool will go to the fund.

In all, we encourage you do what you can and honor your needs an boundaries as this is a part of showing up for the collective too.

We fight for liberation and justice for ALL beings. No one excluded - because trauma breeds trauma and we are here to heal not bypass our own.

Blessings 🫶🏼✊🏼🇵🇸🕊️🌿🇵🇷💚🌈✨👁️🙏🏼
Rachael & team Cycles Journal / Cyclical Roots


P.s https://5calls.org/ literally makes it so easy to take practical action!!!

January 23, 2024 — Rachael Amber Longo

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