We want to take a moment to acknowledge that we may be on the precipice of some dark legislative changes in the United States. While it’s true that the government wants to control our rights and access to safe and legal abortions, what’s also true is that we don’t have to go down without a fight. 

In these trying times, it’s easy to focus on the headlines and fear-based posts. You may feel scared and uncertain of the future. We understand, and we feel that too! But we want you to know that you’re not alone. 

In these times, we will continue to do our best to advocate for and provide a grounding safe space for body literacy, empowerment & support.

The fight for reproductive rights is one that extends beyond raising awareness.

If you’re feeling called to do something, the following are some suggestions of ways that you can channel your energy into activism that aligns to you and your capacity. 

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Get Informed

Education is the most powerful tool one can have. Our democracy was designed to be accessible to some while staying in-accessible to others. That’s why it can be very difficult to understand how laws are put in place. 

Voting is powerful, and important, and it’s important to be deeply informed about who and what you are voting for. 

Do your research and form your own opinions. Set aside an hour or two where you research and learn about what’s going on. 

You can even research how to leave messages for and write letters to your local legislators to make sure they know where you and your community stand on reproductive justice. Your voice and your words are powerful, and when you have the education to make informed choices, you’re unstoppable!


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Here are some helpful search terms you can use to learn more about the politics behind Roe V. Wade and reproductive rights.

  • How to Protect Reproductive Rights
  • How Constitutional Amendments Are Made.
  • How do I contact My Local Legislators.
  • The History of Roe V. Wade

Get Comfortable with Talking About Reproductive Health

Learn from and Share Body Literacy Tools which will help to educate you and your community on how to reclaim autonomy over your reproductive care in any circumstance. Create a connection to your body that makes space for sovereignty and autonomy. Share the resources you find with your friends. 

how to talk about abortion, how to talk about reproductive rights

Hold space for each other. Talk about sex, periods, abortion, and pregnancy and de-stigmatize reproductive health. 

If you feel open to it, share your abortion stories on your platforms and with your friends. Our words and stories hold power and influence and have the power to change the narrative and perspective around abortion and reproductive health overall.  

Organize in Your Community

Get with your community to hold local and digital events where you provide free access to reproductive education. 

Find professionals who can teach about everything from contraception to abortion. If you can’t find those professionals, search for books and zines and hold a book club. 

Create spaces where folks can go to learn about their rights and how to reclaim sovereignty over their bodies. Hold space for  folks to share their stories and experiences to be heard. 

You can also organize marches and rally’s where folks can come together to voice their opinions on abortion and reproductive rights.

Donate to the Cause 

Even if there are states that protect one’s right to an abortion, In most cases, public funding like public health care and medicaid cannot be used to cover abortions. This still creates a barrier. 

Consider donating or raising funds to donate to organizations that fund abortions or do the grassroots work to protect reproductive rights. 

Some Ways Cycles Journal is Supporting the Cause:

Shout Your Abortion Fund Raiser T-shirt


Support our Current Fundraiser – ”We Deserve Choice Apparel”

We’ve put out a new line of custom apparel with art by Cycles Journal’s creator Rachael Amber to directly support our current fundraiser: 40% of proceeds will be forwarded to Shout Your Abortion at the end of each month in support of their Abortion Pills Forever campaign in efforts to increase accessibility & justice to all who will be impacted by the unethical abortion laws in the United States.

Shout Your Abortion is working to increase public knowledge of abortion pills by taking to the streets, flooding social media, and distributing thousands of pillboxes that link to this site all over the country. The Abortion Pills Forever campaign is a promise to defy any court which rules against our freedom, and a call to education. Help us spread the word: no matter what SCOTUS decides, we can and will use #AbortionPillsForever.

 We are also co-hosting a fundraiser with C.J. Thomas, our Connective Content Creator + Social Media Coordinator Simply Healthy Marketing to support the National Network of Abortion Funds⁠ through Instagram.

If you are able to donate, the link is in our profile.⁠

Looking for Abortion Funds and Organizations to Support Directly, or to learn more from to support yourself or someone you know? 

Plan C Pills

Shout Your Abortion

National Network of Abortion Funds

Center for Reproductive Rights

ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project

Safe Cycle Tracking Resources

Unfortunately, it’s been proven that certain period tracking apps like Flo and Apple Health sell personal data to corporations. There is even speculation that this data can be used to target those seeking abortion access.

We share this in hopes of supporting you with information you have a right to know.

Here are some sources for further education:

New York Times: Your App Knows You Got Your Period. Guess Who It Told?

NPR: When Tracking Your Period Lets Companies Track You

Your phone could reveal if you’ve had an abortio

Know that you have options aside from using these apps!

If you’re an app person, aim to find one whose Privacy Policy states they do not sell or share personal data. Password protected apps are also safer. Some to check out for yourself are:

You may also feel called to try a pen & paper cycle tracking journal like Cycles Journal, which has always been created with the intention of grounding into a safe, sacred space offline

Other Educational resources & teachers on reproductive health & liberation:

Our hope is to remind you that the most impactful thing we can do is come together and support each other!

Love and Support Always,

Team Cycles Journal

May 10, 2022 — Team Cycles Journal
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