The Virgo Full Moon takes place on March 7, 2023, at ~7:40 am ET in the element of Earth.

Full moons can signify completion, fertility, and transformation. These lunations can prompt expression and intuitive insights. Full moons also serve as apexes where we get to consider how our new moon intentions are playing out and what may need adjusting in our lives. 

The full moon in Virgo on March 7, 2023, is also a supermoon, which means this is the closest that the moon comes to the Earth in its elliptical orbit. As a result, we may feel the effects of this lunation more than usual!

The Virgo archetype is efficient, practical, and ready to serve! With the full moon in Virgo, we ask ourselves, what matters to me? How can I prioritize what matters to me in practical ways? 

It’s essential to remain grounded in your body and the present moment. The full moon in Virgo may also illuminate worries and anxiety or prompt some trouble sleeping. Remember that while it is good to enjoy Virgoan energy's discernment, also be mindful not to be too critical of yourself or others at this time. Exercise compassion and acceptance, and embrace progression over perfection in all areas of your life.

This full moon in Virgo, I encourage you to adopt a focused, grounded energy around prioritizing your needs and values by creating sustainable habits and nurturing yourself. 



Sustainable Habits & Self-Nurturing

Virgoan energy can be efficient and drawn to building sustainable habits for ease, productivity, and organization. Sometimes we’re so focused on “doing” things that we don’t take time to consider if the way we are doing something might be hindering our progress. This full moon, take some time to consider if your habits are truly sustainable and contribute to your larger goals.

Remember that while both Virgo and Pisces energy are signs of service and healing, it’s equally important that they balance this service with healthy levels of self-care and self-nurturing. Self-nurturing involves caring for the growth and development of yourself with intention and love. You ensure your plants are watered, your animals are fed, and your loved ones feel cared for. In the same way, you can extend this nurturing to yourself.

Virgo, symbolized by The Virgin and ruled by The Hermit card in tarot, understands the value of health, practicality, and sustainability. Effective contribution through service involves taking a grounded approach to prioritizing your needs and values. Don’t just fill up your cup today (literally or metaphorically). Create a plan to make sure you’re hydrated all year round! 

Focused Grounding in Prioritizing Needs and Values

Here are some prompts to pull cards for or journal about (or both!) to help you set the tone for this new cycle. In other words, these prompts can help you see yourself and your life in a new way.

No matter how your personal astrology interacts with these signs, it's a good time to reflect on these themes of prioritizing your needs and values, creating sustainable habits, and self-nurturing.

  • What do I truly value?
  • What sustainable habits can I put into practice now?
  • How can I prioritize my needs and values in practical, tangible ways?
  • What am I willing to let go of to prioritize my needs and values?
  • What does self-nurturing look like for me?

As always, take your time answering and reflecting upon these questions – you can revisit them throughout the year and beyond this new moon.

Prioritizing our needs and values includes tapping into our inner wisdom and identifying patterns that support our wellbeing. We would love to support you on this journey with the healing tools we have available for you, such as our 2023 Cycles Journal or Cycles Notebook <3 

May we all acknowledge the beautiful ways we’re growing and blossoming <3 

With Gratitude,

Valencia & Team Cycles Journal

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March 06, 2023 — Team Cycles Journal
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