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Cycles Journal

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Original creations for radicle awareness & interconnected remembrance

Visual & written reminders of our core nature, where matter & spirit meet

What do you most need support in right now?

🌜🌹 Guidance to notice my inner & outer cycles to find patterns, answers & self-acceptance...

...Cycles Journal is waiting to support you!

🌊 ✍️ Creating space to flow & release ideas, dreams, thoughts, etc...

...the undated, fluid & guided Cyclical Notebook is a great deal to begin with!

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🌀🍂 Finding center & choice in times of change...

...we created Cyclical Mindfulness to help resource you with some tools that can help!

🌿🙏 Encounter inspirational & supportive reminders...

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...or treat yourself to an Earthen Encouragement Channeled Message - made just for you by Rachael!

the wisdom you seek lives within you...

The Cyclical Mindfulness Guide

What is Cyclical Mindfulness? It's finding our center of awareness within the ever-changing nature of life.

It's honoring all parts of the whole, through noticing patterns, connections, and intersections.

It's trust within the endless cycles of growth & decay; embodying our true nature...

Creations for radicle self-awareness & collective wellbeing. Reminders of our interconnected nature.
Have you ever wondered about

the space that holds space for you

peek inside Cycles Journal, where you'll uncover your inner wisdom

From the people
I absolutely love this journal! It's so much more than a period tracker. It makes it so easy to track all sorts of symptoms and identify patterns, which I find so useful, as I've been struggling for years to make sense of what my period and my body are trying to tell me. This journal allows me look deeper into myself and learn more about my own body and mind. I only wish I had found the Cycles Journal sooner!
— Elena L.
Gorgeous high quality journal. If you’re on the fence, buy it! No regrets.
— Karen K.
I absolutely love the Cycle Journal! It is so thoughtfully made, and really helps me to reflect. I love that it honors every gender experience and uses inclusive language, while also honoring the womb cycle.
— Emma S.
I love this planner! I am a month in, and it's the best, most comprehensive cycle tracker and journal I have ever used. (And I have tried many). Beautiful images and a wealth of cycle information (moon, astrology, biological). Not to mention the joy I get from seeing it on my bedside table - a gorgeous red cover with beautiful art. :)
— Jenn H.
I really contemplated getting this journal but I am so glad I did. This is exactly what I needed to get started getting in tune with my body. The content is helpful and educational, and the design is absolutely beautiful. I already know I’ll be purchasing one next year too.
— Maia X.
Life changing. It’s everything in one place. Huge appreciation for the creation of Cycles Journal. I will buy one every year.
— Alayna D.
The journal I've been waiting for! I am so happy that I found it. I've never felt so in tune with my body and self. This has become a daily practice I never want to give up. If you're someone regardless of gender and/or menstruation that wants to become more in tune with your body, I cannot recommend this enough!
— Cassie F.
The layout and structure of the monthly chart/daily journal views are genius, along with the article inserts and journal prompts added throughout. There's just enough guidance to keep motivation in my tracking and still enough space to be creative and personalize it for my specific needs.
— Alyssa X.

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About Us

Cyclical Roots is a community, a collective, a tiny team & a passion project by artist Rachael Amber; a queer creative & intuitive, whose work centers around nature. They are the creator of Cycles Journal and many other passion projects.