Choice Fundraiser Vinyl Sticker


Reproductive Rights Justice for Women & Womb Holders | Abortions are Natural

Pro-choice is pro-life because the autonomous right to choose will save the lives of many who are not in a position to give birth & raise a child in unideal circumstances.

The plant Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) represents protection energetically, and has medicinal properties which stimulate menstruation. While the drawing was originally intended to anatomically depict Yarrow, many have also viewed its unique stylization to depict Queen Anne's Lace which is a natural plant ally in the abortion process. As always, please do further research on any herbs before foraging responsibly, buying from a reliable source, and considering usage.

50% of proceeds from these items will be forwarded at the end of each month to a rotating organization to support Reproductive Rights. Check here to find out which organization we're supporting this month.

Looks great on a reusable water bottle, laptop, notebook/planner cover, folder/binder, or even as a bumper sticker on your car or bike!

  • 3x3" sticker
  • Crisp print quality
  • Waterproof & heavy duty vinyl (and 1 wooden sticker)
  • Matte finish
  • Easy peel tab

Artwork is by Rachael Amber – founder & creator of Cycles Journal.