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Cyclical Grounding | Enamel Earring Set

Cyclical Grounding | Enamel Earring Set

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  • Pair of 2 enamel earrings
  • 1.25" x 1"
  • Hook style
  • Hook material: nickel-free plating
  • Charm material: enamel & black nickel

made with love & intention – this design was the 2nd option for our cover. I loved it so much since it resembles the wombspace, so I still wanted to make use of it.

The plant here is an imaginary hybrid of queen anne's lace & yarrow – I really felt like I was drawing both – they are special plants. Yarrow is linked to healing our wounds & queen anne's is linked to the psychic subconscious realm. Together they symbolize the balance of body & spirit, the earth & our souls.