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Showcase Your Brilliance
in front of (y)our People

while supporting a mission you believe in.

A unique opportunity of reciprocal support & weaving connection:

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showcase your work in Cycles Journal.

Because I see you...
working so hard in your business,

resisting the oppressive algorithm,

trying to find a way outside of "business as usual" to make a living you deserve.

I see you...
trying to grow your embodied, ethical businessfor the benefit of yourself, your loved ones, and the world beyond.

I see you because I've been there, trying to find my people, too.

And part of what changed it all for me, was community & reciprocity.

Our community is searching for
the wisdom & gifts that only you have to offer.

If you have a growing business, healing practice or service you're offering...

we hope you'll consider joining us in a directory or featured spotlight space inside of the next Cycles Journal!

Spaces open on February 2nd & are Limited!

* * * In-Journal Print Spaces are Limited - First Come First Serve! * * *

Here's how & why to join us in reciprocal support inside the next Cycles Journal...

Featuring Creator & Founder Rachael Amber

Every year we get hundreds of inquiries from our community,
seeking deeper support to:

Learn more about their cycles

Support like-minded businesses

Heal from past wounds, trauma, & more

Find relief from symptoms & everyday ailments through multi-faceted wholistic support

Manage their emotions & life experiences with more ease

Expand knowledge into related topics of herbalism, breathwork, healing modalities, astrology, & other modalities

Grow in community with other cyclical beings

Nourish themselves & strengthen their bodies

Create rituals that bring them joy & abundance

• And so so much more!

Since we believe in a world of mutual interdependence,

not rugged individualism of "everyone for themselves"... 

We decided it would be mutually beneficial
to direct our community to those already doing this work...

This was how our Healing Resource Directory & Featured Collective Opportunity came to be.

Inside of the annual print publication of Cycles Journal,

and listed on our frequently visited website,

we have created a space where change-making leaders & teachers like...

• intentional business owners

• healing practitioners

resourceful creatives

embodied leaders

• community change-makers

ethical brands

spirit-led mystics

• blossoming wisdom-sharers

& so many other teacher & creator types like you 

can share your wisdom to help others WHILE growing and showcasing your business & services!

& there's a bonus...

This investment not only gives back to your own growth,
but also the very mission you believe in.

Instead of relying on the mega-corporations who try to filter us out and non-consensually use our data to advertise...

You could be featured in and through the our bestselling publication Cycles Journal

which is devoted to wholistic cyclical awareness and Spirit+Earth-centric existence.

This opportunity is rooted in sharing space and wisdom with those who are already interested in your realm and have chosen to be a part of our community's shared values and mission.

when we invest in one another's growth, the exchange expands beyond ourselves, as we divest from capitalistic control & competition.

this is part of the change-making and redirecting of
energy, funds and focus that our world needs now more than ever.

What is the Healing Resource Directory?

Our Healing Resource Directory [HRD] is a reciprocal support opportunity that we created after receiving countless requests from our community members for more resources & recommendations related to:

• Menstrual Health & Cycle Awareness
• Womb Healing & Ritual
• Natural Medicine & Holistic Healing
• Healing Arts
• Cycle Resources + Care Products
• Visual Arts + Physical Wares
+ so much more!

We wanted to connect our community members to like-minded business like you!

Are you ready to...

+ Be seen by thousands of cyclical beings

+ Connect with like-minds on a healing cyclical path

+ Share your wisdom, offerings & guidance with others seeking your medicine

+ Co-weave a healing web of community & support

+ Be featured on a thriving & growing website & social page in line with your area of focus

+ Promote your business without relying on the very platforms that try to filter you out (cough, meta...)

+ Get published in print & grow in recognition & credibility

+ Create more abundance in your future

+ Support others with all you have to bring to the table

+ Uplift community support & mutually beneficial opportunities

+ Amplify the people’s economy through a grassroots publication/healing tool that helps thousands on their journeys

Are you ready to be spotlighted in front of your dream community?


& If you're looking for more room to shine...

Showcase Your Expertise & Call in Dream Clients

... via a Feature Space
in Cycles Journal

While our Healing Resource Directory is a great place to share your mission, specialty & contact info,

what if additionally you could share a taste of your expertise that would WOW our community & call in new clients?

By claiming a feature space, you can do just that!

Directly & intimately connect to our community by claiming one of our limited feature space options:

a Double Page Space (only 12 total per year)

or a Half Page Space (only 12 total per year).

You can get creative with how you use your spotlight space to share a special ritual, insight into your unique modality/practice, or prose that will light a fire in the heart of our journalers.

Finally, get your ideas published internationally with this unique opportunity to crystalize your credibility & magnetize more dream clients for less than the price of a paid advertising campaign.

We offer payment plans to reserve your prime real estate in our unique printed publication.

We also are hosting a lottery opportunity to give more a chance at a space for less.

Count Me In!

Cody's Goal was to Create Interactive Prompts to Deepen Self-Love

Cody came forth with an idea of visualizing self-love. They offered prompts & an idea of how these tools could be interactive on the page to help readers go deeper & connect to their innerwisdom.

They added their logo in as well so folks could begin to recognize their brand!

Beka's Dream was to Showcase her Cyclical Ayurveda System

Beka Bright, a devoted Ayurvedic practitioner & cyclical awareness educator envisioned a chart of foods & recipes for each Dosha body type.

Our creator & artist Rachael created color-coded visuals to help readers better understand the relationships, elements & cycle phases Beka was teaching our readers about.

Beka's vision came to life to showcase her talents and offerings so that others could more deeply connect to her work.

Beka created a Cyclical Elements meditation to compliment the practices within her writing, for our readers to easily access on her website via the QR code on this page.

Claim Your Space

Sabrina had big Wisdom to Share that Connected back to Her Offerings

Sabrina of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam had big ideas to fill the pages of our full spread! Each page was devoted to a ritual, and a QR code in the corner linked those who wanted to go deeper with the services and products Sabrina offers to her website for further support.

Her logo spotlights her brand & tied into the illustrations designed on the page.

Brady's Mission was to Offer a Deeper Look into Personal Applications of Astrology

Brady Waller, astrologer & tarot reader, wanted to offer our readers their knowledge of applying the astrology in the journal to their own personal birth chart & planetary placements – specifically working with the moon!

They offered prompts, wisdom writing & reflective tools for our readers to understand at any level of experience.

They also created additional resources and special offers for our readers to go deeper with them, which they could access via the QR code that would link them directly to Brady's website & offerings!

We're Offering a Rare Opportunity...

Multiple Chances to Win a
Feature Space via Lottery!


Accessibility is a core value of ours, so in an effort to widen this opportunity to be featured our next journal, we are including a lottery ticket for a chance to win a larger space at no added cost for all who reserve their space in our published in-journal directory!

When you reserve your Healing Resource Directory listing space inside the next Cycles Journal you receive a complimentary lottery ticket, which enters you into an opportunity to be considered for a Featured Spotlight Space in the journal for less than ⅓ the price of a guaranteed feature.

10 Lottery Winners will receive a half or double page feature in our next Cycles Journal! Reserve your HRD Listing & get entered into the lottery for your chance to win!

What is a Lottery Ticket vs.
a Guaranteed Space?

A lottery ticket provides those who join our HRD an opportunity to be considered for a larger Feature Space for less than ⅓ the price of a guaranteed feature.

For a limited time we are including lottery tickets with the purchase of a published HRDirectory space for a chance to win one of these feature spotlights.

If a larger space is calling to you or you've been waiting for your chance, we offer a very limited quantity of Guaranteed Feature Spaces for those who want to assure their spotlight today; however, if you are unable at this time to purchase a double or half page Feature Space then you can obtain a lottery ticket through a Guaranteed HRD space.

This is opportunity only comes around once a year!

Claim Your Space

What do I receive if I don't
win the Lottery?

Everyone who enters the lottery still receives their Guaranteed space in the Healing Resource Directory both published inside Cycles Journal & on our website.

Your HRD space sponsors the sustainability of Cycles Journal in remaining an independently published creation.

What if I ONLY want a space in the HRD, no Lottery Ticket?

No problem! The lottery ticket is optional to claim, however it is included for free with all HRD purchases before 3/4. So if you just want the HRD listing, purchase the first/lowest option & just ignore the proposal questions when you fill out the form! The price will remain the same after 3/4, and will not include a lottery ticket. So you're getting a chance at a larger space for free when you reserve your HRD space early! :)

Why Your Support Matters!

Cycles Journal is a queer/latine/femme-owned self-funded & independently published creation.

We receive zero funding outside of sponsorships & pre-sales each year to make this beloved publication possible!

Due to our increased demand each year, the cost to produce, print & sustain our journals' entire process is expected to reach over 6 figures in printing costs this year: $$$,$$$.

If we can offset this cost through sponsorships, pre-sales, and beyond we can focus on getting this healing resource into the hands of even more cyclical beings!

We can also continue to serve you, independent from corporate greed & restrictions.

You are an essential part of our whole! Join us in reciprocal support.

Join the Collective!

Some of Our Current & Past Sponsors:

What You Receive...

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NOTE: Be sure to fill out the form and follow the steps outlined via email after you claim your space via our website, so that we have all your required information!

What You Receive:
Healing Resource DirectoryHalf Moon Sponsor & Lottery WinnersFull Moon Sponsor & Lottery Winners
Physical copy of Cycles Journal 2025
Discount Off Future Orders
✓ 25% Off✓ 35% Off✓ 45% Off
Healing Resource Directory (HRD) Listing in Journal + Online
Affiliate Link + Discount (make $ back)
A Spotlight Space to Share a taste of your work, contact info, logo, QR link... designed by Rachael Amber!
*✓ (half page)✓ (double page)
Featured on our Website Collective page
Featured on our Social; IG Feed, Saved Stories + Newsletter
Your Offering Listed in the Table of Contents
Opportunity to Host a Paid Live Workshop in Our Online Community
Free Access to Wisdom Workshop Library + Cyclical Mindfulness Course
Extra Perks Possible:
*• Future Opportunities to be chosen for Collaborations & much more
• Opportunity to Host a Paid Live Workshop in Our Online Community
• Other goodies
• Future Opportunities to be chosen for Collaborations & much more
• First in line for future events, courses, and other collaborations.
• Other goodies
Our Gratitude in Supporting Cycles Journal's Independent Printing & Publication

Lottery Ticket for Featured Full or Half Space [until 3/4]
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100% of these funds goes towards the annual creation & publication process of keeping Cycles Journal alive & well!

 ✓ = Guaranteed Perk    * = Lottery Winners Only

Most perks are fulfilled throughout the end of the year & the following year – you will receive a welcome packet with more details.

Spaces open on February 2nd & are Limited!

* * * In-Journal Print Spaces are Limited - First Come First Serve! * * *

Claim Your Space Here!

• • •

Lottery & Feature Spaces are only open until March 4th if spaces remain!

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Directory Listing + Lottery Ticket

total perks value: $450+,
up to 1500+ if lottery winner!

Your reciprocal investment:
4 installments of $55 or $222 total

(think of it as $18 per month of exposure!)

Includes a chance to win 1 of 10 Feature Spaces! You have a 1 in 4 chance of winning! 

Half Page + Listing Package

total perks value: $1500

Your reciprocal investment:
4 installments of $167 or $666 total

(think of it as $55 per month of exposure!)

Only 6 total available.

Double Page + Listing Package

total perks value: $2200

Your reciprocal investment:
4 installments of $278 or $1111 total

(think of it as $92 per month of exposure!)

Only 6 total available.

We have a very limited # of partial Scholarship spaces for Q/BIPOC & Non-Profits. Please apply here to inquire!


• By purchasing this listing, you have read and agree to meet all deadlines in the timeline above, and agree to write in an inclusive manner for all.

• Upon purchasing this listing, you will be sent an email with instructions to claim your purchase details (please check your spam folder).

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• Once approved or selected for a Feature Space (we will notify everyone by mid-March), your writing needs to be submitted by 4/7 (full/half space only).

• Any questions - feel free to contact us here!

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% of spaces claimed

100% of these funds goes towards the annual creation & publication process of keeping Cycles Journal alive & well!


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Finally get your ideas published in print internationally via this unique opportunity to crystalize your credibility. Add us to your "as seen in" list~

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This investment in your business helps fund the creation of our independently published journal while giving you a boost within our community.

For the last 4 years we have self-funded our Cycles Journal creation to ensure that we had agency over every detail & prevent topics from being diluted & our values were being upheld without the scrutiny of corporate profit. The cost to produce & print our journals is expected to reach over 6 figures in printing costs this year. $$$,$$$.

We believe it is of the utmost importance to get our journals into the hands of more Cyclical Beings but to do this we need your help. This is one of the many reasons our Healing Resource Directory + Featured Sponsorship Opportunities exist.