The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries takes place on April 20, 2023, at ~12:12 am ET in the element of Fire.

Solar eclipses are markers of powerful new beginnings. Eclipses, in general, can be portals of potential, and this Aries solar eclipse serves as a fertile time for noteworthy new opportunities. This solar eclipse invites us to be courageous and invite change in dynamic ways. In short, this is certainly a lunation to pay attention to! 

Note: Some prefer to rest rather than engage in ritual during eclipses – so if you’re feeling exhausted or hesitant, no pressure! As always with these reflections and rituals, they are just suggestions – take what you like and leave the rest. Or allow yourself space for rest and integration instead!

New moons are typically ideal for intention setting and planting seeds for manifestations. We can use the enhanced energy of this new moon solar eclipse to plant seeds of collective hope for empowering initiations.

Part of what makes this lunation so special is that it is the second new moon in Aries that we are experiencing during this lunar cycle, at the tail end of Aries season! The Aries archetype is one of instinct, movement, and assertiveness. There’s rarely any overthinking with this sign - Aries loves taking risks and taking action! 

Aries encourages us to challenge ourselves, ask ourselves what it is that we truly want, and how we can move toward our desires. We can no longer hold ourselves back! Let this new moon solar eclipse in Aries encourage you to be decisive and follow your instincts.

Aries, symbolized by The Ram and ruled by The Emperor card in tarot, understands the value of acting on your instincts, initiation, and moving toward what you want. The ability to take risks confidently to create true momentum is the power this archetype reminds us we all have.

While the fire sign of Aries encourages us to consider the best outcomes for the Self, this new moon solar eclipse puts into perspective how we can create hope for empowering initiations related to the collective. 

We may take note of any collective changes that may be occurring now and how those are affecting us. We can also consider how to use this potent solar eclipse energy for the collective benefit.

We may feel very dynamic and even intense energy (after all, we are double dosing with Aries energy here!). We are reclaiming our central power, strength, and ability to take charge. We're taking responsibility for making our visions come to fruition.

With all this said, it's essential for us to listen to our bodies at this time and get a sense of our needs and what may be changing for us.

Prompts for Expansion

Here are some prompts to pull cards for or journal about (or both!) to help you reflect with this new moon solar eclipse.

No matter how your personal astrology interacts with these signs, it's a good time to reflect on these themes of new beginnings, following your instincts, and planting seeds for empowering initiations.

  • What am I ready to initiate?
  • What risks am I willing to take now?
  • What are my direct and clear intentions for this cycle?
  • Where can I invite more movement into my life?
  • What are my instincts telling me at this phase, and how can I honor what comes up?
  • How can I consciously embrace change and plant seeds for empowering initiations?

As always, take your time answering and reflecting upon these questions – you can revisit them throughout the year and beyond this full moon.

Part of planting seeds this new moon involves encouraging loved ones to consciously connect with their inner and outer cycles. If this resonates with you, consider gifting someone you cherish Cycles Journal! Our 2023 Cycles Journals are currently 20% off and continuously serving members of our community who love the tracking features and evergreen resources.

May this new moon solar eclipse serve as a fertile portal for you to receive all your manifestations this cycle <3 

With Gratitude,

Team Cycles Journal

April 18, 2023 — Team Cycles Journal
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