Moon Moth Vinyl Sticker


Lunar Moth Magic

The Cecropia Silk Moth is the largest native moth in North America with a wingspan of 5-7 inches – it's quite a stunning feminine being that really embodies the grace of lunar energy and cyclical nature on within its very design and essence.⁠ This moth has moon-phase appearing marking on its wings naturally – I only slightly altered its design to further emphasize it's magical lunar nature.
Moths represent our subconscious power, the strength in sensitivity, and trust in transformation. They signify going deeper into our intuitive essence – and I believe that this reflects the work we are doing with Cycles Journal.⁠


Looks great on a reusable water bottle, laptop, notebook/planner cover, folder/binder, or even as a bumper sticker on your car or bike!

  • 3x5" sticker
  • Crisp print quality
  • Waterproof & heavy duty vinyl (and 1 wooden sticker)
  • Matte finish
  • Easy peel tab

Artwork is by Rachael Amber – founder & creator of Cycles Journal.