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Yoni Womb Portal Watercolor Painting Print - Cycles Journal – Healing Tools for Witches, Women & Womb-Holders

Yoni Womb Portal Watercolor Painting Print

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This is a 6"x9" art print on 100% recycled paper. Original painting was done on watercolor paper and is for sale also upon inquiry.

Art by Rachael Amber

"The Womb Portal" is a term I heard the divine feminine described as recently. It resonated with me and this image immediately came to mind. I think of the feminine not as a gender or defining body part, but instead as symbol of integrating into our lives the intuitive, intentional and higher self that is within our nature. We are given the gift of understanding things intuitively and instinctually from birth when we are grown within and released from the womb. As we get older it can be easy for our intuitive self to be overshadowed by society, self doubt or any other modern distractions. Never forget that where you came from is sacred and so are you. When you listen to your senses, you find what you really need. There is divine creation within us all, and we were all made from it. Always channel that light within you.