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The Healing Resource Directory is a unique yearly opportunity of reciprocal support & connection

 Each year, both inside of Cycles Journal & on our frequently visited website, we are weaving a web - a healing directory to link us all on the path to cyclical & natural healing. 

This integrated directory allows everyone to have direct access to recommendations on where to get help & further their healing journey - conveniently attached to the very journal that is fostering their progress. 

 Significantly more authentic & flowing than social media advertising; instead of searching for the crowd who needs your offerings, they’re already here~ 

 You have something to offer the world that no one else has, and we want to help you share that in a mutually beneficial way!

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Whether you just want a space in the Healing Resource Directory, or you want a spotlight Feature on a half page or full spread... 

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frequently asked questions

Who is this for?
Anyone who wants to connect to likeminds! 

We welcome all individuals & businesses in the realms of;  Menstrual Health & Cycle + Awareness Coaches+ Womb Healing, Tantra & Ritual Facilitators+ Natural Medicine & Holistic Healing+ Visual Arts & Physical Wares+ Healing Arts+ Cycle Resources & Care Products. 

You can specify which category you'd like to be listed under when it's time. Limited spaces will be available per category to avoid over-saturation. Due to the structure & spatial limitations, you'll only be listed under one category even if your work falls into multiple.
What's the exchange?
The exchange is a sliding scale mini investment that costs much less than traditional advertising & directly funds Cycles Journal's yearly independent printing fund. Exact cost TBA, but always under $175 [& the price includes your Cycles Journal]. We also offer scholarships & interest-free payment plans.

The cost helps us make this creation possible, and gets you:
+ a listing in the physical journal 
+ in our online directory
+ shout outs on our IG story + hilights
+ a Cycles Journal shipped to you for the year you'll be in
+ future discounts

Sponsorships help make this publications independent funding possible, while offering our readers access to knowledge and offerings from an expansive and supportive greater community & perspectives, and offering those in connected fields of healing a space to share their services & wisdom while connecting to an this aligned community.

This reciprocal support creates a beneficial cycle for readers, community, small businesses & this publication’s existence.Together, with support of and connection to one another, this publication can continue to thrive to help others & spread our mission.Let’s keep this cycle going, together!Your sponsorship matters to continue this supportive cycle.
When will we be able to reserve a space?
Change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.As long as you're on our email list, we'll send out a notice when it's time. Likely early 2023 in January or February.Make sure to add cyclesjournal@gmail.com to your email list so it arrives in your inbox!

In the meantime... it's not too late to
join our online directory for 2022!

While it's too late to be in our printed edition of Cycles Journal 2022, it's not too late to join our online directory! 

Our online directory will be updated & present on our frequently-visited website for the entire year of 2022. Join us for a discounted price while space lasts.

All sponsorships support your growth & goes directly into our printing fund for the upcoming year's publication. As an independent journal, you're helping make this creation possible each year!

Waning Moon Sponsorship: Online Only 2022 Directory | Sliding Scale

Limited Spaces left for the 2022 Directory. To be published...
Limited Spaces left. 

We offer sliding scale to support those in need.
Please reserve the support spaces for those who are marginalized & in need of assistance. 

Directory listing online only. 

+ your name/business name 
+ a brief description of your specialty (6-12 words) 
+ your websiteIG handlecontact email 

Social media feature on: 
+ our IG story 
+ our saved story highlights 

Any questions - feel free to email cyclesjournal@gmail.com ! 


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