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About the Artist & How The Journal Started

Rachael Amber

Illustrator, Designer, Activist

Cycles Journal is an independent, self-published physical creation.

A queer & non-binary woman-owned business, founded & created by illustrator & designer Rachael Amber in 2018, and is currently in its third year of existence.

This journal exists to help empower us all to access deeper self-care, healing, and body literacy within our natural selves and cyclical experiences. We are building more than a healthy habit or trend; we are creating a ritual of self-devotion.

Made with love, intention & quality care, Cycles Journal is more than just your usual book or planner; it truly is a special place to learn more about yourself.


My Story & How It All Came to Be

I wanted to tell you a bit about who I am & why I started this creation, if you are curious. I'm Rachael Amber — I'm an illustrator & designer, a menstrual health & self-care advocate, an environmental activist, a plant whisperer, a cat-lover.... I create tools and visuals for change because it is how I feel driven to cope with some of the confinements and injustices of our society. 

Doing this work grounds me, gives me hope, and connects me to all of you. I am thankful that I can create work that resonates with others.

I once bled in alignment with the full moon for 12 consecutive months. I had always sensed a connection to the moon’s influence, but now it was confirmed.

I was going wild each cycle and needed solid ground to figure out what was influencing it all. I was in constant pain physically, was wildly unpredictable, and aggressive emotionally. I hated my own cycle — I was not at peace with myself, inside or out. There was a deep disconnect and war raging inside of me.

I sought to mend my lack of connection between myself and my womb. Slowly, I started to close the gaps and find understanding as I followed the lunar cycle and tracked my patterns alongside it. However, I did this mostly in my head or scattered between various apps that I would constantly forget to use or feel overwhelmed by more screen-time.

As I continued to sync up with the full moon, the intensity fueled me to know more. I felt called to dive deeper through a more organized approach. Creating a tool seemed like the only way I could figure out what influenced me and where it all linked — to uncover the magic that I was starting to feel beneath the surface.

I wanted something to track it all in one place. Something that would inspire and motivate me to actually feel dedicated to it.
 So I realized that if it didn't exist already, this was my sign to create it.

Originally, I was going to make a simple booklet for myself to use, but as I told others my revelation, I realized this was desired and needed by so many more. There was an underlying realization of lack of cyclical focus in our world. And so, like all of my ideas, I want to share it and expand it to help other people, too. Thus the guiding tool of Cycles Journal was born — for all of us.

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